Author Topic: How to generate high player numbers and maintain them  (Read 3745 times)


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How to generate high player numbers and maintain them
« on: March 14, 2016, 08:47:12 pm »


I think I might've posted this in the wrong place the first time, so I'll repost it here.


Hi, this is more of a general question for people who play the game. If you had to guess what the most successful approach to a PW would be in terms of leveling and hooking players into a server, what would it be?


I've always been under the assumption that people prefer to have a banking system in case they mess up their character and have to redo, and also having a re-leveler in general in case they didn't necessarily screw up the starting stats. I'm a lazy person and I -hate- re-leveling characters because of a minor mistake.


I also am a player who doesn't really like leveling, however I don't mind if the process can be expedited or is made to be enjoyable by some means of intrigue. I typically can tolerate leveling if it only takes 2-5 hours max to get to level 40.. anything beyond that I see as  tedious and boring.


But really, what do people prefer, and what do you think makes a server have consistent numbers? I know there are a lot of variables and facets that go into it, but I just want to focus on leveling and they ways people get their characters to maximum level and efficacy. What types of servers are the most successful at garnering high numbers of players. What is it that draws them, is it just one thing or multiple things?




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How to generate high player numbers and maintain them
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2016, 09:10:22 pm »


It all depends on the type of player you're trying to attract. For instance, what you're describing is more of an action pw approach. So you will only cater to people who like that setting. The most important part is understanding there are different types of players who like different types of things. If you keep this in mind then you'll be fine. But don't expect to have 30 players show up in a month if you try to think you're going to cater to everyone. The more specific you are, the better luck you'll have with the players that play the place that you like to make. Personally I prefer quality over quantity.




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How to generate high player numbers and maintain them
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2016, 05:21:37 am »


Donna like relevel cuz it ruin RP and let ppl build toon that not legal like elf wiz/AA that relevel to change to bard/AA to get dumps w/o XP penalty and still get LB for free, or RDD relevel xploit is not good.


Not need relevel to fix burps anyway.  If ppl build first in trainer and test level to 40 b4 start on server... mistakes found when testing.  Relevel never help with starting toon so still must test good b4 spend all ur time on server to make it work like u wanted.


Must decide if server want lots of ppl that too lazy to test build or just like relevel cheat builds.  Most ppl like real AD&D so am thinking relevel not needed for those.  Best way to get more good player is build for those.  Other good player always want to play where lots other good player go and stay away from where cheats hang.






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How to generate high player numbers and maintain them
« Reply #3 on: March 15, 2016, 07:19:54 am »


Players want DM attention. They want novel experiences they don't get everywhere. They want to play on worlds where other players are.


Its not complicated this stuff. It just takes a lot of work. No mystery to it.




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How to generate high player numbers and maintain them
« Reply #4 on: March 17, 2016, 12:15:46 am »


See:  The best way to get players (at the start) is to have group of friends/DMs who actually play the server.*



* Caveat: I do not run a mega-server.




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How to generate high player numbers and maintain them
« Reply #5 on: March 17, 2016, 09:24:30 am »


As someone who has only dabbled in PWs (and is therefore a newbie), my only recommendation would be to keep it simple, have a clear idea of the target group and make it EZ to step in and play. Clear and concise documentation also goes along way.



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How to generate high player numbers and maintain them
« Reply #6 on: April 14, 2016, 08:04:16 am »


yes, create a theme that you think the players will like and stick with them. All the comments of the above are just as good but you also have to wonder to what you would like to play in? keep it fun for everyone and especially yourself. if you enjoy it then often it is that others will also. 


Like myself for example. I loooove the TV show Buffy the vampire slayer and therefore am gonna host a PW based on that very concept that I know will be fun for me to play in and as it looks several others seem to be liking the idea as well '<img'> 


So keep it fun, keep it simple! I believe that is the basic concept of it all no?




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How to generate high player numbers and maintain them
« Reply #7 on: April 14, 2016, 02:38:17 pm »


Another thing that attracts players is by having something that you can put a stamp on, to say is yours and no other server has.

For a while I was very much into creating Cutscenes using the Gestalt Cutscene system for my PW, and by using nwnx_areas - to keep them modular and player focused, I was able to create a cinematic experience for players.

Also consider the resources your module has access to.

I used a Downloader application to give players access to optional material.

Eg: Sound Effects, Audio voice overs etc for cutscenes etc

These sorts of thing can really make a player go 'wow' because it shows that you put the effort in.


I had a few people telling me they used to run some of the quests just to see the cutscenes, cause I mostly had them scripted perfectly with the music.


Besides cutscenes and hak pack content etc, 

maybe consider the end-game content.


For the first half of my servers life-span, players fell in love with my Vampire bloodline system.

It was basically a clan system that allowed all players to accumulate bloodpoints from a portion of their XP gains.

Those bloodpoints could then be used to buy bonuses for your vampire.

If you had sired other vampires (players) - then they would be in your clan, and inherit your bonuses.

If they sired anyone, they too would be in your clan etc and so on. (but they could not spend bloodpoints, only the clan leader could)

(Imagine a pyramid scheme where everyone receives equal reward)


Eventually, the system became overpowered - So I had to nerf it, but it attracted alot of players who just wanted to be vampires.


One of my quest lines involves a Shadow Monster that clones the player.

Because the player in this case was a vampire, with such high AC, and that AC had been copied to the clone - it ended up being a perma stalemate.

Neither the evil clone or the player could hit eachother.


Players are often attracted for systems that allow for customization.

One System I made was the 'Forge of Olonwi' (was actually a parody of a Friends character they made on my server)

Rare loot drops 'Star Sapphires' - could be used as currency on this forge system.

What it did was this:


In one receptical - you put a trash item with good properties on it.

In another receptical - you put the item you wish to enhance.

In the payment slot, you put 1 or more star sapphires.


When you trigger it, it will destroy the first item : Taking one of its item properties, chosen semi-at-random,

and copy the property to the item you are enhancing.


First generation of this system made items well overpowered, but I managed to balance it by changing the item property copy settings,

so it would not stack item properties of same type.



You could not end up with


DamageBonus 2d12 Negative

DamageBonus 2d12 Divine

DamageBonus 2d12 Fire

and so on


What you could do however was get 3 Damage types, but using the 3 different Damage Bonus item property types.



Damage Bonus 2d12 Negative

Damage Bonus 2d12 Fire vs Evil

Damage Bonus 2d12 Divine vs Undead


This way, the system was balanced and players had to be strategic about how they use the forge.

Eg: To get the 'correct' item property, they might have to transfer the property several times, to junk items, until they have just one property for the system to choose from.


Another thing to think of, which is somewhat easy to do,

allow players ability to change



Head appearance

Voice Sets (if permissible by the module theme)

Players hate having to re-make characters, just because they can't get the voice set they want, or head appearance that is sexy enough.

Allow them to do it all from in-game, and these quality of life improvements will pay off.



Other things - Such as Server Vault management etc

Provide some means for them to clean out their old characters from time to time.

Eg: Letoscript deletion or renaming of character bic files so they don't clog up server vaults.


Anyway - just alot of ideas there




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How to generate high player numbers and maintain them
« Reply #8 on: April 23, 2016, 06:25:27 am »


I've started several PWs or modules and just found myself wandering aimlessly, dying excessively or gaining XP at such a horrible rate I couldn't stand it. Get the player involved in something quickly and guide them clearly.