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AME Golden Dragon Award Finalist Announcements
« Reply #150 on: September 11, 2011, 11:51:29 pm »


WebShaman wrote...

NWNX can also be used for SP games...

I personally asked for this, and Virusman got it done.

As for the issue you raise with jealousy..huh? I mean...HUH??!! You have not only gone out on a limb, but left it and you are now approaching the limits of known space...

Are you even rational?

Listen Virusman, NWNX was never considered for any type of award since it was (until fairly recently) for server use only.  Since there are no GDA's for pw's because the AME doesn't have enough PW membership, there is no award to give.  There is absolutely NOTHING negative meant by that fact.  

IF there HAD or ever will be a place for an award that NWNX could win, I am nearly positive that it would.  I know it would get my personal vote.  However, there is no competition either, so what would the vote actually mean?  Besides, you seem to have jumped onto Funky's Bandwagon and taken an issue with the AME in general.  Forgive me if I am wrong on that.

That is NOT the issue here, but Funky is throwing absolute crap out here to the community at large.  CRAP.  False allegations of vote loading etc.  I just posted proof against that supposed weakness in the AME voting system.  Yet no one can counter that proof, because it is simply that, PROOF that the AME is as fair as it is possible to be in ANY voting system, and much more fair than most.  Right up to and including the fact that hard working members of AME are forced to vote a CoI vote meaning that they can not participate in a given category.  This removes the possibility of their vote going to anyone else, much less themselves.

I do believe myself to be VERY rational here.  I responded to his statement that he believes that NWNX should be considered for some kind of award.  Since AME never posted any awards for PW's, you can see OUR confusion on his issue?

So far, Funky has been asked for suggestions besides removing an AME member from the possibility of winning an award.  And he has been asked to provide proof of his allegations against the AME loading votes.  He can not respond to that last one, as no such proof exists.  To continuously stand on a soap box and claim otherwise is just proving to everyone else, that he is not actually attempting to help, but just to flame.

His counter arguments regarding my "perceptions" of him being a pinko prove my points exactly.  It is absolutely ludicrous to claim something that has no proof.  I can likely take a few minutes and scan the web to find proof that the sun MAY explode tomorrow, complete with the percentile strength against it being this week or 1 billion years from now.  Would it actually matter?  Nope, neither do his arguments regarding his personal perception that the AME has loaded votes, and that it is a bad system.  A system he still has not bothered to investigate personally, he wants us to provide him with the data, who died and made him god anyway?  INVESTIGATE before casting allegations.  That has been and will continue to be my point.  I am NOT trying to trip anyone else into saying something without thought, I am proving him wrong, and I firmly believe I have done so.  With FACTS, not some nefarious opinion based on string theory either.  But FACTS, that prove him totally wrong.

Now, if anyone from the PW community wants to join and help the AME to create awards for the PW community, please do so.  Remember though, there are hard rules for Conflict of Interest.  You can't nominate your own pw, or a pw that you are admin/dm of.  It is hard, and time consuming, work.  You have to be fair to all submissions/nominations.  Truly compare alternate PW's of same flavor against each other etc.  At this stage of things, there are no guidelines for a PW as the AME has never had enough folks that are PW savvy involved. (1 or 2 here or there over the years).  So, what rules there would need to be implemented, content types to compare against, IE good DM's, Good New User, Good Old User, whatever has not been setup.  This is YOUR opportunity to help with that.  Join the AME and help them OR recognize that the AME doesn't handle PW's at all, and leave it alone.


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AME Golden Dragon Award Finalist Announcements
« Reply #151 on: September 12, 2011, 02:27:40 am »

               Let me just see if I can sum things up accurately.

Funky believes that the AME has three problems: 1) potential for bias in favour of members; 2) poor appearances if members can be nominated; 3) bias in favour of categories that interest members.  

On the other hand, as AME members have said: 1) members cannot nominate their own work or vote in a category in which they've been nominated; 2) any member who feels it looks bad for them to be nominated can decline the nomination; 3) new members with differing interests compared to old members are welcome, so that more categories can be considered for awards.

My personal feeling is that, by now, one has either found the AME's answers on these matters satisfactory or one has not.  The answers aren't going to change, as long as the criticisms don't; the same question in the same context will always get the same answer.  I think that simply repeating the arguments won't get us anywhere and, unless there are extra observations to make or further context to be added, we will just end up going around in circles.  People will get frustrated and it won't do our goals any good.

Do people generally feel that much more of worth on this topic can be said or not?  If discussion on the topic were to be concluded, what other feedback might we have?


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AME Golden Dragon Award Finalist Announcements
« Reply #152 on: September 16, 2011, 09:20:48 pm »

               As far as MP goes, we have handed out MP awards in the past for modules.  However, we do not have enough members interested in MP, therefore, it's difficult to hand out an award for MP modules or any MP specific haks, scripting systems, etc.  We have been trying for years to get people to join who can help us with MP awards with little interest.  If you really want to see us be able to have an MP award, join.

As for PW's, they take an astronomical amount of time to judge.  Is a couple of weeks really enough to judge whether a PW has the potential to win an award?  Do people really have that kind of time to play multiple PW's at the same time?  I don't have enough time for one, let alone multiple.  I have a full time job, a wife and a 22 month old daughter.  I barely have time for this post.  When you don't have the time or staffing, how do you expect the PW and MP worlds, modules and CC to receive awards?  

As for missed work, when there are about 5 nominations on average for categories that make the finals and only 1 nomination allowed per member, how do you expect them to get everything 100% of the time?  Not to mention when a conflict of interest occurs.  There are always nominations that take people out of voting for awards because of CoI's, which has happened to me several times.  The one nomination that got overlooked in Bannor's post was the NWN Podcast.  Most of the current and previous hosts have been AME members.  The NWN Podcast has been nominated more than once, taking out up to half of our membership out of the voting as soon as it was nominated.  

I didn't see this here, but, when a Conflict of Interest occurs, that member incurring the CoI may not vote any further in the category, but their nomination and any seconding/not seconding votes made previous to the CoI stand.  If the category makes it to the finals with the work that created the CoI making the finals, then the CoI is grandfathered into the finals.  If that work that created the CoI does not make the finals, then the CoI is lifted and the member may continue to vote as if the CoI never existed.  

All in all, if you are not happy with the nominations, finalists or winners, then change it by joining.  We have no membership requirements and any implication that we do have any are just plain wrong.  The only thing that we require is willingness to help.  If we have someone interested in joining, they are accepted by popular vote by the current members, which is how pretty much every NWN related organizations work.  

Due to a large number of spammer accounts created lately, we have had to approve new accounts manually.  If you are interested in joining and don't already have an account on our site, drop a message to either myself and/or Andarian and we can give you a temporary password and unlock your account.  This is due to security issues with SMF that most if not all sites using SMF are currently facing and there seems to be no fixes in place yet.



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AME Golden Dragon Award Finalist Announcements
« Reply #153 on: September 16, 2011, 09:55:06 pm »

               I agree with Tybae's last post, but just wanted to clarify one thing for the record:

Tybae wrote...

The one nomination that got overlooked in Bannor's post was the NWN Podcast.  Most of the current and previous hosts have been AME members.  The NWN Podcast has been nominated more than once, taking out up to half of our membership out of the voting as soon as it was nominated.

The year that Tybae is talking about, the NWN Podcast was nominated for (and won) the award for NWN2 Community Contribution. Since this was a discussion on the NWN1 forums, I only included COIs related to the NWN1 awards when I compiled the information for Bannor's post. That same year two podcast members (Eat2Surf and Liso66) had joined the AME, and two other AME members at the time (Tybae and Dragonstar) were serving as backup hosts. All four of them had to recuse themselves from the NWN2 ComCon category completely for the rest of the cycle. And that doesn't count several other members who had to recuse themselves due to COIs for other nominations in the category as well. NWN2 ComCon 2008 was by far the most challenging case of COI management we ever had in the AME, but we got through it nonetheless and gave out what I think was a clearly well-deserved award.


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AME Golden Dragon Award Finalist Announcements
« Reply #154 on: September 18, 2011, 02:59:30 pm »

               The Academy for Modding Excellence is pleased to announce the finalists for the Joint NWN1 & NWN2 Best Sound/Music of 2009 Award for Neverwinter Nights!

Christopher Escalante - Christopher likes to work different variations on a common theme. From a modder's perspective that's actually incredibly helpful because it allows choosing an underlying theme for some aspect of your mod, and then using different variations on it in different situations and circumstances as appropriate (much as one would do in scoring a movie).

From the light guitar to the more serious piano, heroic, call to arms and sad themes, Christopher delivers a wide range of musical themes that provoke the listener to lean forwards in anticipation!

J 'Wildfire' Town's - This conjured images in my head immediately.  At first I thought of Faeries, then as the piece went on, I pictured walking through a forest.  The pictures fit together, which is a sure indication that the music has no jarring qualities.

Simply beautiful, soft and unobtrusive but still memorable, creating great atmosphere - soothing, sad or strange. Great music like this just serves to remind us how poor the engine is for allowing us to properly choreograph game play.

Travis "Darklord Snafe" Richards - Mr. Richards has been an active musical contributor to the NWN community for a long time, and has continued that tradition through both of the last two years.

Always experimenting and striving to improve on his works, Travis' compositions range from the battle theme, lullaby's, triumph, remorse, love, sadness and much more. There is something for every scenario and his creative flow is constant.


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