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Legacy_Jenna WSI:

               Looking for new drow players to start an opposing house or join the current drow house in our server. Focus is on no-ooc-drama roleplay with easy going people. Lore and details below.


Unbeknownst to even most longtime residents, Sarbreen is not the only city that was built before Raven's Bluff: Drow had previously built a stronghold thousands of years before and created a powerful mythal to protect it. The mythal is said to still exist and is suspected to be the cause of the mysterious wildfire phenomenon sometimes witnessed in Raven's Bluff. Thus far though, no one has been able to locate the rumored mythal.

The city has been slowly rebuilt in recent years, and is thriving as a trade center. This city is a neutral ground where creatures from all over the Vast region of the underdark meet to trade. Races that would happily slaughter each other outside the market routinely meet to exchange goods, slaves, and information. These races are held in check by the ruling class of NPCs (probably Kenku). Power in this city comes from who you know and how well you can move coin and goods along. The Affiliated Merchants of the Underdark work closely with the Kenku in running the city.

Merchants of four main factions are represented here: svirfneblin, duergar, drow, and surface dwellers. Each faction controls an adjoining side-cave. Independent buyers and sellers are discouraged, but anyone who can find the place and has something compelling to trade can worm in and try to cut a deal. Only certain merchants or guilds of each race know the city's exact location and the passwords that allow them to pass by the guards without incident. These passwords are valuable trade secrets.

Four covenants, backed with the simple threat of death or banishment, govern behavior in the city: Theft, disguise of goods, open violence, and use of magic or psionics in trade are prohibited. Each of the four trade delegations keeps its own set of enforcers, but all enforcers work together to punish covenant breakers. Although openly committing aggressive acts are met with punishment (attacking someone in the city streets next to other people would be reason for action by the city's government), a murder that happens quietly inside of a trade-house would
be not attract attention.


The drow district will be ruled by three (more if needed) houses and a temple, a branch sent from one of the larger drow ruled cities and charged with bringing trade and wealth back to the mother-city.

House names may be decided by the players. House power will be gained by those who move up the ranks of the temple, and by those who gain the best standing with the Affiliated Merchants of the Underdark and those who control the city.

When the city opens, players who want a pc with the Matron or Ulath'tallar status can make it known to the DMs and a random dice roll will determine who has the positions. Players can work together to change pc that holds the matron or Ulath'tallar title, but must wait at least a month before acting out such plans. Players that take part in changing the power structure will receive role-play rewards.

We're going to review the idea that players who take a chance in role-play and are left with an unplayable character, may retain a certain amount of levels/gold for rerolling a new character.



Do not move around the surface without a disguise, do not invite hostility or open aggression. If you do this, you risk the entire faction of drow below in a war between duegar and/or adventurers. The drow will not win in the face of these armies. There's a reason there are no established drow ruled cities in the Vast, mainly the Duegar city
with 2500,000 soldiers lies nearby.

No attacks on anyone (pc or npc) above ground without express permission from a matron, unless in self defense (Matrons must get DM approval for attacks).  Non-Elistreean Drow on the surface should be on constant
alert, and consider themselves to be on the run. They must make accommodations in order to survive. Hide thier true natures, and be willing to make nice with the locals. Do deeds that disguise what you are, such as rescuing knights' daughters or helping the gnomes with their kobold problem (game quests). If you plan to make regular visits to the surface, then earn your place in society as ordinary adventurers do -  mingle with them, build relationships, (however difficult this may be for a drow to do) for to fail at this adjustment is certain death. Maybe this new lifestyle will change the drow, and maybe it won't. But either way, a drow who's playing nice to obscure who they are will be able to party up with almost anyone during the slow server hours.

PvP between drow and surface races is not allowed. This goes both ways. We're not interested in faction wars, paladins vs drow for example. You may role-play encounters together, but you risk being punished by a matron if you are drawing too much negative attention to yourself. Likewise, we would -highly- prefer that non-drow surfacers not treat drow as just another person walking by. Don't give them instant trust if you know they are drow ICLY whom you do not have a relationship with.

The World Serpent Inn is a neutral place, no player may harm another here anyhow, no matter the race or alignment. The inn does not shun monstrous or evil races, thus drow do not have to hide here.

Sigil is likewise neutral and gives no reason to hide yourself, but again, no factional wars, pvp, or open aggressive acts without a DM.

Attacks in the UD should always be between drow and other UD races. They should also not resort to PvP (Except for fun tournament events). Dice rolls and emotes are required if you want an altercation in the UD city. Do not involve yourself in such a role-play if you have trouble loosing. Everyone has to loose sometimes.

Drow Goals:

You're sent to this outpost to develop trade relationships with the other more established races. While the mother-cities acknowledge the drow's superiority, they still give the order to intermingle with these races in order to better your own race. Wealth, magic items, and trade power are all resources that will enrich the drow society and are
valuable - thus, find a way to work with these other lower races.

Work towards gaining power over the other factions in your city. Lie, blackmail, or pay your way into a position of power over other races that dwell here. Pretend at niceties in order to get what you want. Fight for your house through clever schemes, intelligent plots, and plan against other drow and houses. Gain positions of power in drow  establishments such as the Temples or Schools, and try to keep them. Leave your enemies alive (unless permadeath is requested) to witness your ascension and great deeds. Let  them remember it and loathe the memory of when you bested them and did what they could not.

Understand that we will not have drow raids on villages or cities, even with a DM present. DMs will be here to give you other events and goals, or to reward you for roleplay going on inside the drow district. Sample events: Infiltrating another city faction area to find some important trade documents, or... Searching a dangerous part of the underdark for a magical artifact. This works both ways, we also will not have teams of good pcs attacking the trade city. We refuse to play the endless game of factional city attacks that are impossible to give a feeling of realism to in a server that does not support permadeath.

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Legacy_Jenna WSI:

               Still looking for matrons and people to fill house/city positions. We'll be meeting one to two days a week for drow rp so that interaction is guaranteed. (Check out the forums for days and times)


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