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Lands of Overlia
« on: July 19, 2010, 10:30:31 am »

               To the north are the ruins of the Ancient Ones, those who gave their
lives for Overlia and watch over us all. It is now, more than ever,
that we seek their guidance and the blessings of the Divine. To the
south, the everplentiful plains of Overlia, where the Elves have carved
out a beutiful kingdom that is only matched by nature itself and even
further more with the dwarves that build their kingdom under the

It is south of our humble kingdom that dwells the
threat of the Deamons, spawn of man's sin. Eldwern, a wizard of some
might, in his meddlings of things that were best left forgotten
unleashed the sin of man and corrupted his soul. Now we watch as the
elven kingdom lies in ruins and the armies match our way.

We have not lost hope just yet though. We brave sons and daughters of men
fight with valor and courage as the Deamons seek to cover our land in
darkness! Praise be the day that Eldwern is slain and the hordes spill
back into the darkness that they came from.

"I invite you brave dreamers to enter the Lands of Overlia, where myserty
and might combine into one and where things even worse than a man's sin
can dwell in the shadows. Come, O' brave souls of the beyond. Fullfill
your destiny and carve legends into the lands for generations to come."

• Character Levels: Start at level 8
• Minimum Players Needed (Max): 1 (3)
• On Going? Yes
• Hosted Days/Times: Friday or Saturday (decided with players), Fri (1700-2200), Sat (1000-2300)
• Role-play: Heavy
• Hack-and-Slash: Medium

• Notes: I'm in the process of building the starting areas right now. I'm mostly looking for interested players for the moment.


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