Author Topic: Fan Fiction - opinions on adult themes  (Read 494 times)


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Fan Fiction - opinions on adult themes
« on: January 11, 2016, 04:05:56 pm »


Ok, nothing to do with forgotten realms, or dungeons & dragons or anything...

In general...

Lets imagine you have a TV Series, which is generally PG rating, alright for a 8pm TV Viewing.



If your writing a Fan Fiction for that TV Series..

How does one approach the topic of romance and intimacy....



I have been writing a Fan Fiction now for a few weeks..

and I have always approached the topic of the Romance between the main characters as being at most 'kissing' or 'passionate' kissing.


I did imply sex happened earlier in the story, by doing a scene where one character left the other back at their quarters...

both of them were disappointed, so the other character returned and then they began passionately kissing while ripping of eachothers clothes...


I kinda left it tastefully letting the reader imagine the scene themselves...




Last night, I was approaching a serious part of the relationship between these two characters.

Basically - they were about to break up because of some very traumatic events that have happened to one of them, which was making them have to leave so they can go 'soul searching'

Of course one of them didn't know about the break up.... 


So, it involved a bit more graphic sex scene....

Getting to the point where I was describing breathing, rhythm's and grunting sounds...


I know as an adult, there is nothing wrong with describing this...

but at the same time... it feels weird taking a TV Series that doesn't show this material.... and then me portraying it in the story....

At the same time however...

I kinda needed to portray it.... in order to highlight the significance of their last night together...




what do you all think....


Is it destroying the brand of the TV Series, if I suddenly throw graphic scenes into it...


does it enhance it for the duration of the story, if it makes the characters emotions and feelings easier to relate to.







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Fan Fiction - opinions on adult themes
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2016, 06:07:11 pm »


Well I like smut, so I say go for it. '<img'>


ps. Include link '<img'>




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Fan Fiction - opinions on adult themes
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2016, 06:26:23 pm »


Depends on what strings you want to pull in your readers.


Detail of violence or sex same deal... how much is too much?  and when it done mainly to keep reader eager like drooling dog?


For me, detail description is cop-out by weak writer who canna make the emotion poetic so they just try to tell what happen like a storyboard then let reader get their own reaction and hope it end up what they want. There ways to tell scenes like this without using the same description used many times by writers who have little skill to get message to reader any other way.  Can become very clear telling what happening without porno.


But most this stuff done so that certain group of readers that really like it and want more.  No matter if for blood or sex, always some love to read if writing good or not.  For artist group tho, poetry style is best to show off writers very special skill.


This just for what kind of writing I like to read, tho.  Maybe my group is not very big.




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Fan Fiction - opinions on adult themes
« Reply #3 on: January 11, 2016, 07:01:32 pm »


It's very rough around the edges, I am aware of the grammatical errors.

To be honest I started this story because I had the start of a story in my head, but for some reason I couldn't evolve it further until I wrote it down.

The two chapters posted here represent 2-3  800-1100 line text documents each that deal with part of the story...

I'm currently on document 15, and the story keeps flowing out and growing, I never really know where it is going to go.

So yes- the story is a cross over story involving mainly Agents of Shield(Marvel Universe) but also elements from the discontinued MMORPG City of Heroes.

And the romance that is almost obvious from the beginning is between two guys- in case anyone reads it and feels 'disgusted'

I've tried to keep the romancing as ordinary as possible-

Eg: no mention of Gay appears in the story, they are just two guys, who happen to like each other- even though from the TV series, we know that Joey is in fact Gay.

I kept the gay mention out of it because I don't like drawing distinctions, it's romance between two people and gender should be no barrier.

Sometimes I worry that Eric the protagonist might be a little too soft in the story.

On re-reads it's like half of his screen time is spent crying or having a crisis... Lol