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EA account security question
« on: August 06, 2015, 08:24:16 pm »



like many of you, i first joined these forums when they were still just about NWN and belonged to bioware. During the years we have all been upgraded to EA accounts, with the login tied to our email. i'm trying to switch emails, but it asks a security question.


i never entered an answer to this question myself, the question is presented to me in chinese and none of the obvious answers work. has anyone encountered this problem before, and how would i go about solving it?


(yes, this is off-topic, and the wrong forum. i tried to get into contact with any EA chat, but they seem to be very elusive. has anyone forund the correct link? i don't want to be contacted by phone, and no other reset options seem to work. feel free to move this to the right place if you feel like, moderators. sorry for the inconvenience)


edit: I reached the help chat and a friendly support has taken care of most of my issues. I'm now able to change my account settings and all. sadly, I can not rename my origin account to Gruftlord, because apparently, this is already taken. I suspect by this very same Bioware account here (they still have a few differences and only sync in the background with a minute time off-set.) lets hope the upcoming Origin/EA account merge gets rid of this forum scizophreny