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Looking For Some Boss Testers
« on: September 23, 2011, 11:37:33 pm »

               I'm looking for people to help test a few bosses designed for a group of 6-7 characters.  My main goal is to see what people think of the encounters as they're scripted and use custom abilities instead of simply fighting a more powerful player character or a mass of NPCs.  The bosses will be designed to be difficult, perhaps bordering on masochistic for at least one fight, but they should be beatable with well-built characters, appropriate tactics, and solid play (if not then I screwed up).  The current three bosses I'm looking to test are...

1. Lightningfang: a mighty blue dragon
2. Warlord Zerten: a powerful warrior versed in several styles of combat
3. Avatar of Lolth: a fragment of Lolth's power, imbued with all of her terror, betrayal, and venom.

Lightningfang and Warlord Zerten should be roughly equivalent in difficulty and the Avatar of Lolth should be a step up in terms of group coordination and planning out tactics.

You should expect to wipe several times on each boss, and quite a few times on the Avatar of Lloth, if you choose to go in blind without any information.  However, I will provide as much information as the testers desire, up to and including the point of saying exactly when each ability is used and what it does.  Not going to give away the intended tactics/strategy, however, unless the group keeps dying and seems unable to figure it out.

If you consider yourself to be an excellent PvE player who thrives on challenging content, then I'd encourage you to help out.  If there's enough interest in this sort of content I may try to build a module or PW along similar lines (challenging PvE group content).  For the purposes of this test I'm only tweaking a few things (see the bottom of the post) and no haks or outside content will be required.

Characters will be level 40 and most gear will be +5 (with a few rare +6 items).  Sneak Attack Immunity and Critical Strike Immunity will only exist on PC characters with the appropriate feats.  Permahaste and a few immunities will be available from gear.  Any character intending to use physical attacks should get Blind Fight. Unlimited Full Heal potions will be available (avoiding a custom healing system, I know it's not balanced in PvP whatsoever).  Hardcore rules, Party-PvP setting.

If you want to indicate potential interest or have additional questions, you can post in this thread or email me at

If I get a group of testers we'll be using email to communicate about arranging a date/time and anything the testers may want to know about the bosses.

Note: Only speaking of these tweaks mostly in general terms, if you want exact details I can easily provide them.  This is mainly to give a general idea for people potentially interested.

Feat/class Tweaks
1. Barbarian Rage gives AB, Damage, and Temporary HP instead of STR/CON.  Rages do not stack.
2. Blinding Speed gives 4 AB,  2 AC, and 4 Reflex for 30 rounds instead of Haste
3. Dexterity increases ranged weapon damage by the modifier, and melee weapon damage by roughly half
of the modifier
4. Evasion/Improved Evasion reduce damage taken from AoE boss attacks
5. Overwhelming Critical gives Massive Criticals in additional to the default effect
6. Parry gives 1 dodge AC per 5 base ranks, but does not stack with Tumble (aka, maximum of +8 AC
total from the two skills combined)
7. Shadow Evade buffed
8. RDDs and PMs had their AC bonus halved.
9. Taunt and Concentration are increased for all characters by 125% of character level.

Spell Tweaks
1. Epic Summons, Epic Vrock, Familiars, and Animal Companions substantially buffed based upon
master's level
2. Hellball and Greater Ruin substantially buffed
3. Elemental Shield now provides damage immunity (scaling with caster level) to all non-physical damage
but no longer deals damage to attackers
4. Mestil's Acid Sheath deals magic damage and deals roughly 25% of its default value
5. Wounding Whispers deals roughly 40% of its default value.
6. Druid/Shifter forms: no Monk AC from Wisdom, increased AB and AC as combined level rises.
7. Ability score spells increase by +4 instead of 1d4 + 1
8. Flame Weapon/Darkfire actually applied to weapon instead of on-hit, but damage slightly reduced.  Can choose any non-sonic elemental type.
9. Magic Vestment no longer works on shields (see below).

Damage Immunity
Immunity to all damage is granted via the following system:
1. Constitution modifier over 6 gives 2% immunity per modifier
2. Epic Toughness gives 1% immunity per feat
3. Small/Large/Tower Shields give 10%/20%/25% immunity respectively

Monks also gain 1.5% immunity per level to physical damage and half of that to non-physical damage.

This is added up to a value of x, which is then plugged into 10000/(100+x), which gives the actual total damage taken.  So a character with 26 constitution (including gear), Epic Toughness V, and a Tower Shield would get 10000/(100 + 4 + 5 + 25) = 75% damage taken, or 25% damage immunity.

Armor and Shields
Armor (as defined by having a base AC value of 1 or greater) goes up to a value of +11.  Characters wearing armor can still apply a +1 Dodge AC bonus per 2 dexterity modifier above 11 (+1 at 13, +2 at 15, +3 at 17, etc).

Shields never gain an AC bonus but grant the above immunity to all damage.


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Looking For Some Boss Testers
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2011, 02:12:44 am »

               I'm assuming you have a server set up to do this testing, so what sort of customizations are needed?  CEP version, custom haks, etc.


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Looking For Some Boss Testers
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2011, 04:51:40 am »


Magical Master wrote...

For the purposes of this test I'm only tweaking a few things (see the bottom of the post) and no haks or outside content will be required.

Trying to make it easy to participate if people want to, even though that means sacrficing some stuff for the purposes of this test.

If I get the people, I'll host a module on a day everyone can make it so they can log in as a group (and so I can observe).


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