Author Topic: Calling rogue players and those who roam in the shadows...the place for you is here!!  (Read 439 times)


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               I am a DM/builder for a server called Argentum Regio. It is a PnP style Role-Playing server though it has many of the positive qualities of a regular Persistent World action server, being that you will always have things to do when you are not RP'ing or involved in DM-Run events (which happen frequently). For a more in-depth explanation of our server, check us out here:

But I want to get more specific now, and talk to those of you who enjoy playing rogues, evil schemers, and the types of characters that seek wealth and power by whatever means necessary.  We have in development on our server a top-notch thieves guild, a "medieval mafia" if you will. It is called the Shak Tolun and it is run by me; A career rogue, and one who has played many an RPG, MMO, PnP game, and been consistently disappointed by lackluster attempts at secret societies and thieves guilds.

I have been so fortunate to get onto a server with a TON of areas already developed as well as a number of guild bases, and been able to take over developing this guild into what I have always dreamed a thieves guild could be in a game. Some of the existing features include:
-A subterranean "maze" serving as both a headquarters for the guild as well as a deterrent to non-members who try to pry into guild activities.
-A number of specialized rogue groups serving various purposes such as Assassins, Highwaymen, Pirates, etc, complete with -Very- powerful Officers to lead them.
-Many secret guild bases on the surface/in the capital city, including secret rooms, hidden bases, "legitimate business" fronts, secretive escape routes out of the city.
-Inclusion into DM-run events, missions, and encounters to keep things original and make the guild feel like a "living and breathing" entity. I.E. if a player manages to get into our headquarters and kill some of our rogues....well rest assured one of our powerful squads of assassins or enforcers will pay him a visit when he least expects it.

I am constantly developing new areas, NPC's, events, etc etc to keep this thing from getting stagnant. So if you are a rogue or rogue-ish non-rogue who is interested in this type of thing, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU. Trust me you will be rewarded for getting in on the ground floor of this thing. If you have further questions you can PM me, send me an email at, or simply login to the server and send a tell to either Myles Wallskipper (my PC) or DM A.G.P.


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