Author Topic: How to fight shadows & shadow fiends  (Read 1682 times)


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How to fight shadows & shadow fiends
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ShaDoOoW wrote...

Btw anyone finds the shadow AI too mechanic, and the shadow strenght drain too inbalanced? Because I do and had in plan to include modification in my community patch. 25% chance to use the special attack, only d2 str lowerage.

Because when I used shadow at lvl 7 and hardcore difficulty, he instantly killed player within 3 rounds, if two spawned, it was insta death in one round...

Yah.. For fighter types, it seems unbalanced since they must deal with a touch attack every round.  Add in the concealment and DR yet.  Fortunately, they are only around 20HPs so one high damage hit usually is enough. IMO you could leave the damage at d6 as long as you get only 1 in 4 special attacks.  Just don't let a group flank you and you'll be okay.

Otherwise, they are relatively easy to kite with any bow and acid arrows. 

My main complaint about them is that with all the shenanigans a player must go through to deal with them I would at least double their standard challenge rating (@3), maybe even more.  For example, a zombie lord is 8 and a comparative piece of cake for a fighter once the stoneskin is knocked off.