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When I finally started playing HotU for the very first
time, I started with my 2/11 paladin/cleric I've took through SoU
already. I'll never forget entering the shop in Waterdeep that sold the
crafting components, and I just thought to myself "Holy cow! You can
craft your own gear!!!"

However, that character didn't have any
ranks in Craft Armor / Weapon, so I immediately stopped playing HotU
again and started the SoU OC all over again. This time I played a
wizard, and during the course of SoU I maxed out the Craft Armor and
Craft Weapon skills. I literally rushed through SoU just to finally
start HotU with a "craftsman" type of character.

Unfortunately, I
will also never forget how disappointed I was to slowly realize that
the only items you can craft are basic non-magical weapons (including
arrows and crossbow bolts), armors, helmets, and shields. 'Posted  And
depending on what you craft, the costs for this basic item are two to
three times higher than simly buying it in a shop. And trust me, I've
spend HOURS sitting around and crafting stuff.

I might be
wrong, but I guess that this is the reason why there isn't a crafting
guide available yet. I've googled for half an hour before writing this
post, searching for any kind of crafting guide for NWN. The only guides I
could find are either for the first NWN OC (where you have to find
certain items and take them to a smith), or guides that are specific to
certain servers only (since they are using a custom crafting system).

there are a few quasi-magical items you can craft. They are nothing
special, it's quite expensive, and the DCs for the crafting skill checks
are all in the 20's.

From a Bar of Adamantine you can craft... From
a Bar of Mithral you can craft... And from Planks of Ironwood you can craft...
* This is not a mistake - the
larger the shield, the cheaper it gets. 'Posted

hope this helps you a bit and saves you the trouble of experimenting on
your own, just to come to the same results as I did. 'Posted

before you start blaming the crafting system in HotU, please keep in
mind that this is only a very basic system. It's purpose is not to allow
you to craft all sort of magical stuff by default, but to serve as
basis for user-created crafting systems.

Cheers! 'Posted



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"Gangster No.1" 's crafting guide (copied from previous forum)
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               I take no credit for this posting other then reposting it since this information took me two weeks to find when I was looking for it.(no I'm not joking)

Enjoy! '<img'>



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"Gangster No.1" 's crafting guide (copied from previous forum)
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that's why I made my own crafting system, with free gear changing, you have to search for Enchanting gems in the module (they can be used on any item if it's proper), and you can forge right off the rest menu, however, I believe there was a forge in the main Campaign, somewhere (been sooo long ago, I forgot which campaign, but I know it's the one with Mephostopheles)




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"Gangster No.1" 's crafting guide (copied from previous forum)
« Reply #3 on: July 22, 2010, 11:48:01 am »

               Templari, I think you pretty much figured out everything about the standard crafting system.

One thing to add (even though it is a spoiler) is that somewhere in the game you are also able to do further crafting. I think you can find this place by looking in walkthroughs for example.

Personally I'd be interested to put my hands on theese scripts to perhaps use in my own module.

Yet another thing is (as was mentioned) that there are many custom crafting systems...however...if they have not been implemented on the module it wont help you.