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Elements Of Alma: (Update)
« on: September 20, 2012, 07:10:00 am »

                Yes it has been 2 years since the first mention of E.O.A (Elements Of Alma). The mod development has come across it's fair share of bumps, and total restarts. Even for those who eventually gave up on the project, i still want to say your wait has not gone in vain. The 5 part series is still continuing, slowly but will be sure to have the complete story for your enjoyment.

So far the only playable mod is 
Elements Of Alma (Prologue): Shades Of Tragedy

                          In Shades Of Tragedy, you part take in the events 5 years before the first Book: "The Soul". The Empire of Alexandrio the Central Nation,"Fel'Lodorni". Has just begun an intense war with the southern nation of Alederiban. The king, Alexandir has sent his best troops to settle matters with the stubburn Nation. The Empire is left in the watch of Royal Troops and its Elite Court. The Court consist of five Elite Soldiers, well that is until you come around.
      Since the start of the war, there has been trouble with in the streets of the Empire. Bandits, have begun to surface and raid, steal and kill. Even go as far as to attempt to breach the Empires Castle gates!. You gain the kings attention, by bringing to him a Gem. This Gem has be believed to be lost to humanity for centuries, a Gem that is said to hold much power. Power that is frowned upon by the Astralis.
   Can you help end the war, can you settle things with the bandits, and will the mystery of the Herico Gem be solved? As the new Elite Champion of Fel'Lodorni, the future is in your will.

                                                                   Elements Of Alma: Shades Of Tragedy
                                                                               Webpage For more 
                                                                                 (Download Now)

                                                                     (ReEdited Version: Sep/21/2012)

Update Status on E.O.A-
As of 10/7/2012 
-Shades Of Tragedy will be back up, it was brought down for fixing bugs, add ons and such. 
- The Soundtrack has been switch around.
-Mobs have been a nerf so your not feeling like your fighting the same mob for an hour +.
-You still dont have to use Barvan in the game, feel free to never put him in your team. He has a bug in him that for some reason won't leave. You can use him in the start , hes prob not the best to have after the Zorg mission.


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