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Darkness spell
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Luminus wrote...

Exactly, no one can react to Time Stop. It is an instant win button combined with Maximized Isaac's Missile Storm.
No, it is not broken in terms of AI, it is broken in terms of pure cheesiness and how easy fights become.

First of all, I think it's worth pointing out that Time Stop and Empowered/Maximized IGMS are 8th and 9th level spells versus a level 2 spell.

Second, are we talking solely within the confine of the original campaign?  If so, the fights are already easy and IGMS didn't even exist when they made the fights.  In addition, you wouldn't get Time Stop until Act 4 likely.  If we're talking in general, we can certainly discuss that.

Luminus wrote...

The Darkness and Sneak Attack tactic is much more limited. Unless your build is like mine (Wizard and Rogue/Assassin), you have limited castings so you cannot abuse it to defeat everything. Or some enemies are immune to Sneak Attack.

Er, just keep resting and you have unlimited castings.

Or if you're saying that you can't rest, then the limited thing applies to TS/IGMS as well.

Luminus wrote...

You don't have to abuse the AI, you just turn invisible.

The AI abuse comes from it attacking a mob completely immune to its attacks.  If all it sees is the blade, it should either A, simply run away, or B, run around trying to bump into the invisible caster (since the Blade has pathetic AB anyway).

Luminus wrote...

With Ultravision you can see in magical darkness and Faerie Fire outlines enemies in magical darkness. They are not completely different. Both enable you to see enemies in magical darkness and deny them their concealment.

No.  Fairie Fire outlines enemies in NORMAL darkness.

"A pale glow surrounds and outlines the subjects. Outlined subjects shed light as candles. Outlined creatures do not benefit from the concealment normally provided by darkness (though a 2nd-level or higher magical darkness effect functions normally), blur, displacement, invisibility, or similar effects."

Luminus wrote...

I have not read the books, I am quoting the Forgotten Realms wiki. So, the only enemy that could counter the Darkness tactic was a blind Ranger? Why didn't every single other enemy or monster just walk out of the globe?

"Faerie fire is a druid evocation that causes an object to glow as if it were burning like a candle, although there is no physical heat. The colour of the fire can vary according to the caster's choice."

Candles don't pierce magical darkness, Faerie Fire doesn't pierce magical darkness.

And the ranger wasn't an enemy, if anything he was a mentor.  I'm also trying to remember many other situations where Dark Elves even *used* Darkness, and when they did they relied on Blind Fight training and keen senses, NEVER Ultravision or an equivalent.  They just trusted they could fight better in darkness than their opponent.

Luminus wrote...

Most monsters/thugs/pirates etc, don't know how the Darkness spell works. To them, the world grows dark and are being attacked next. Of course they are going to defend themselves on the spot.  That's like saying that using Delayed Blast Fireballs to set up traps is exploiting the AI because they just walk on it every time.

If we're talking about one enemy, less of a big deal.  It'll actually fight back.  If you cast it on a group, all but will act like they are mentally retarded and stand there doing *nothing* while their friend(s) are fighting (and dying) around them.  Despite the noise, they stand there and do *nothing.*  That's the part that exploits the AI.

The DBF is more like an trap/ambush, though I do think it is exploiting if you lay down 20 on top of each other or something.


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Darkness spell
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    do you ever use this spell?


My primary use of darkness in the OC is to prevent guards and other bystanders from realising that I am killing off Helmite clerics. Since it is the same level as Continual Flame, I don't otherwise use it as doing so would cut into my revenue stream.