Author Topic: Is it just me or are the stores in game useless cause of you having no gold?  (Read 1660 times)


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HipMaestro wrote...

This discussion has meandered too far from the OT with all the point-counterpoint jargon. 

Yeah way to confuse the noob guys ':unsure:'

Main reason I asked it was I like to have the best I can and it pisses me off to see this uber item for a slot I have empty or filled with crap and to find a vendor in Act 1 with an items thats so awesome but costs like 50000g or I think I once saw 100000g when all I have is like 2000 and thats an hour or 2 into game. By end of Act 1 i'm lucky to have 5000g lol.



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               I was playing the official campaign recently. I don't buy anything except if it is rather unique. In chapter 1 I made exactly 1 purchase. I bought Thieves Hood, because I hate being poisoned. It was about 8500. I still finished chapter 1 with over 30000 gold.

I checked and even with Tony K AI and it looked  like Linu and Sharwyn were the main Lore folks. There may have been one other.

I don't know why anyone would play without Tony K AI, it just fixes so much. I wasn't even aware until this post that it changed the henchan skills/feats to make them more useful.


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               Sharwyn can identify anything. Even at night. Just because she is Sahrwyn. It's not written in her character's sheet, as she intends to keep it as light as possible, as that's all she wears at night. And because Sharwyn doesn't read anyway. She writes.
Sharwyn is unique. Sharwyn doesn't follow any rule, but mine.



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               Just do not waste too much money on Lore Potions, when you use them be sure to collect at least two unknown items then drink the potion, press the spacebar for pause and identify all of the unknown items with no hurry.
Well, there is the trick of the Eternal Flame spell too...


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               On my expedition as a sorceror, I did make some extra gold by casting Continual Flame on random jewelry before selling it, when I had extra 2nd level spells left and was planning to rest after selling.  I was disppointed to find it only got me an extra 90 or so gp.  I don't know if it quite paid for all the times I had to use the Recall Stone to retrieve Daelen after he made poor combat decisions (or was killed by my own summoned water elemental using the drown attack right beside him- it took a few surprise Daelen deaths to figure out what was going on there).