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Garbage Loot
« on: February 27, 2011, 03:59:40 am »

               So what is awesome is working on this DC35 locked chest and the DC35 Trap on it, only to get 25 gold.  Or maybe 3 Bolts of Frostbite.  Or Ale.

I'm not into scripting so I have no idea how to.  Is there just a simple mod or something to improve the loot that is dropped from baddies and in chests?  It's annoying as hell to have to save before opening chests and just keep reloading until I get something worthwhile.  It's crazy.  Why is the same chest spawning Ale and then on the reload gives a Longbow +2?  Stupid.



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Garbage Loot
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2011, 05:16:26 am »

               Stupid? no. Random yes. The OC, uses the first gen of treasure generating systems, and while out dated, they did provide class type treasure to be created. This system was changed to be more builder friendly in SOU, but there is no "mod" (in this case the word overwrite would be a more accurate) that can change the system in the OC. Its too problematic as each treasure generating container would have to be tweeked (for the locked part which has no tie in with what is generated) and the nw_coninclude script, to add or take out the actual treasure, around 1600 lines at last look) to fall more in line with what your talking about here. I agree that the locked/treasure inside ratio was out of whack in the OC. But the OC is not the entire focus of NWN. As it has been suggested, the OC is mearly an example of what you can build with the NWN toolset.

There are the expansion mods, as well as other mods available on the vault that use different treasure generation/locked ratios, but your going to find that they tend to follow the personal taste of the one who built the mod. In some you can find garbage items, in others holy cow swords of stupidity. the good news is, there are 1000s of differnt mods for you to try, and when you get tired of downloading those, you can go online and play on a 100+ multi-player mods up and running now. If after all of that, you still have not found something to your liking, you can open the toolset and build your own vision a mod.

good luck!



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Garbage Loot
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2011, 05:48:10 am »

               I have an OC wizard who will be happy to take those 3 magic bolts off your hands in exchange for these 4 stacks of plain arrows he found that you could use with that longbow.

The OC has an ungodly number of random containers scattered throughout the campaign so it only makes sense that a great proportion of the spawns will be fairly benign.  Very few containers cannot be bashed open so it takes minimum skill to get at the contents.



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Garbage Loot
« Reply #3 on: February 27, 2011, 06:44:59 am »

                About you start thinking the other way around: you don't need that crap, and only see your character, you, with your only skills, feats, inner strength?
You know how I see opening 100 times the same chest? Waste of time.
Let me explain, no paladin here. I don't brush my hair. Especially in front of a mirror. 
No need... ':whistle:'
It's more generous for yourself to save that very time... for playing more! Another module, or entering some other NWN author's universe, or playing with real people around you, in MP, the ultimate NWN.
I know, I have been there and I still am, sometimes. But, what I just wrote "kind of works" if I ever encounter one of these ':devil:' chests. That's my only way out. But it works.
It's a curse!
Did you forget? We are cursed, and one can't fight that evil against his player's curse... but by using it instead, you know, the ':bandit:' attitude.
For something even more evil maybe.
Beside? I truly believe you might have more fun with a sword +1 than a +2 one.
Think, if you ever gain a +2 from a fight you truly won... it's gonna be much more interesting if you never got it from a box already...
As if you already cheated one from some as stupid as tempting chest? You won't even realise.
Here it begins to seriously matters: that http://storage.canoe...p=1215019124√ā¬ is simply stealing your hard-won now legitimate fun away from you!
And that, for a player, to let it happen, is the only one thing absolutely unforgivable.
A very serious matter  indeed; which, as always, means a choice: you want to play or to suffer.

About a nice combo... ':devil:':innocent:
Just like life. ':alien:'


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Garbage Loot
« Reply #4 on: March 12, 2011, 10:59:24 pm »

               After a while I just stopped opening them because it was a complete waste of time, although I did nearly run out of gold near the end of the