Author Topic: Aribeth's Fate?  (Read 3193 times)

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Aribeth's Fate?
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I can see Nasher having her killed, but having her soul in hell has no excuse, they simply didn´t think it through when the game was written. Tyr was LG I think, and she was brainwashed.
We can always retcon it to the part of her soul that got corrupted under the spell, or something like that.

Who said Tyr was the one that put her in hell?
Remember things are always kind of ify in the Fugue Plane and she might have chosen the offer to go to hell instead of face Tyr's  judement from one of the devils petitioning the souls waiting
And the reason she was in her perdicument was because she was standing up to Big M...but Big M just didn't just kill her and asorb her energy like any true "dammed"...why(hint,she was a potential "Devil" recruit)

In the ending of HOTU  (with my PC encouraging her to be good) she first became a "gaurdian spirit" of  Neverwinter comforting the sick and dying until one day Tyr Himself came to take here with future sightings of Tyr in Neverwinter always having Aribeth on his right side(rollseyes)