Author Topic: I am in chapter two and I need some tips  (Read 2832 times)


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I am in chapter two and I need some tips
« on: June 19, 2016, 09:57:18 pm »


I am human bard19 and I use that talking sword you get from sleeping kings (changed to greatsword, of course). I have high "use magic device " which payed off, high persuade, heal and other points, among which are appraise, lore, perform, and some minor ones in open lock, discipline, search and disarm trap. My henchmen are Deekin and Valen.


My questions are following:

1 - is harper agent worth the requirements? I need to gain two more feats to be qualified, but I can already took levels in dragon disciple. Harper agent, pure bard or dragon disciple?

2 - Should I go to Shaori's fell or to Golem Islands?

3 - I told Deekin to be dragon disciple more than bard, since I am bard, and took Valen as henchmen since I am female bard and I want to explore his story. I am mostly buffer oriented, I rarely use offensive spells in combat or debuffs and I go melee. I suppose I need more offensive spells, isn't that right? Should I pick Nathyrra? Is it possible to have both Nathyrra, Valen and Deekin as party members?

4 - any combat tips? Any inventory tips?

5 - How much levels you can gain in this game? I just begin chapter 2 and I am level 19.


I will soon post a video of my playthrough, if you need more info.




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I am in chapter two and I need some tips
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2016, 05:59:42 am »

               1- Harper is easily worth it for roleplaying and versatility, not worth it for power. A dragon disciple is better at fighting and a pure bard is better at being a bard, obviously; again, up to you.

2- Maybe put at least 2 rogue stone anchors down. 1 on the golem isle, and 1 in the main underdark area ("west of Lith"). Eventually you are forced to finish the act when in town. This will allow you to avoid town and do everything in the chapter.

3- That party is good. Deekin gets a lot of health as a DD. Personally I am not fond of mage henchmen for combat purposes, at least the ones in the campaign. There is some pretty advanced AI on the vault but not in the OC.

4- inventory tips: be on the lookout for super-valuable poison arrows (bolts?) I think in shaori's fell and the undead cult. break the stacks up and sell them to the drearing's deep merchant.

5- I started Chapter 2 with a fresh lvl 1 character and ended up around level 26. I am sure you are aware the highest level is 40.

Oh, and have fun!



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I am in chapter two and I need some tips
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2016, 03:25:40 pm »


1: HS more for get quick epic feat like Grt Dex in Dex build. Prolly not so gud for HotU bard.  If do epic bard, u never get RDD 10 b4 HotU end but mayb get RDD 6.


2: Shari Fell gud place 4 start Ch 2 cuz get handy item 4 buff of party.


3: Deekin gud as RDD cuz canna curse song but ur bard toon can.  ne spellcast hench in NWN hard 2 get 2 do wut u like so tank prolly better nd Valen very gud tank.  Sum place wut have no-magix or wild-magix zone ez with gud tank.  Prolly try 4 get feat Lasting Inspiraton for ur epic bard asap.


4: If let Deekin do party buff, it leave more dmg spells 4 ur bard slots. If bard wear armor, get still slots. Best to add max Risolvir enchants on ur weapon b4 do cult 2 black purl enchant cuz Rizolvir stop more enchants after.   Talking sword not gud for enchants cuz talking prop count as powerful. Do mother city quest b4 do last binding places.


5: Solo toon of HotU go to Lvl 28 wen start toon from SoU or OC.  Must do all Ch2 quest 4 max XP.  Xtra party cost bout -15% combat XP EACH xtra that mean wen Deekin or ur bard summon tiger for combat it cost sum XP.


LoA_Tristan rite bout set up binding 2 places.  If use 1 at maker dungun lvl 2, other at beholder cave so can kill Aghaaz then beholder king for finish all 5 quest.  Canna sell those loots on city but best loot found at other 3 quest places anyway.




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I am in chapter two and I need some tips
« Reply #3 on: June 20, 2016, 06:48:01 pm »


It would have been better to take 4 or 8 levels of RDD before level 20 (the rule of 4), but since you are already at level 19, wait until level 21, and then take 10 levels of RDD. After HotU ends, play the Sands of Fate series to go the rest of the way to level 40. I've played it many times because it is really good. Even better is the Aielund Saga, which takes you from level 1 to level 36.


If you don't want to play Sands of Fate, take only 4 levels of RDD. but still wait until level 21 to start them.