Author Topic: Deekin - bard or RDD?  (Read 3759 times)


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Deekin - bard or RDD?
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The re-adding of Great Ability and RDD ability feats happens every time Deekin is loaded from a new save in the database (transferring Deekin to the database occurs at the end of each module).  This is a limitation of the BioWare system which was originally without a henchman leveler or adjustable inventory (the OC henchman were multiple blueprints which were replaced as the PC leveled up).  Here one could just add in the feats to an NPC when it spawned.  However, once actual leveling took place and inventory adjustment was allowed, the creatures could be something different than any blueprint, and thus the in game henchman had a reason to be saved and preserved.  Unfortunately, the adding of abilities from feats still occurred when the NPCs spawned making causing them to become much more powerful than they should be.