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" Bleach " RP server ( NWN )
« on: August 28, 2015, 12:08:27 am »


Fellow Neverwinterians , I am writing here in this new forum today to let you all know of a server that would be good to join if you are looking for a good RP server to play in, as the title may suggest , it is a server based around the anime " Bleach " and has RP things to do with the setting. I will say this the now that the server is non-cannon, but is fun, and has aspects tied with the setting, for example it has the many races of Bleach, like humans, shinigami, hollows , plus souls, mod souls, quincy, and any other race I -may- have missed out on, it is a progression based server, going from bottom to top in power concerns. 


Tis a server that promotes RP, and good RP , if you want to learn something you find a teacher and they will teach it to you. It has many areas, and areas for each faction.


If you are going to fight anyone, the combat is based around Dicefight, learning techniques is based around the dice aswell, but you will be taught this by players on the server if you join anyways. 


There are many friendly players in the server and they will be willing to help you through any problem you have.


Now for time of day and the likes, the time of day, I'm pretty sure each area uses the standard day/night cycle, I -may- need to recheck it, but I'm almost positive thats the day / night cycle, - just for RP sakes anyways.


It -does- not run on your character needs to eat and drink to survive, like arelith does, this server you rp to eat and drink , and thats what it is, RP, its always good to do RP like that, less you have a severe defect in your character , like anorexia and thus cannot eat ( as much ) or well the character has it ... you know what I mean, Levels are gained throughout the time you are logged on in the server , well you gain experience , free experience up to level twenty five, but you can always gain more experience, or quicker levels by killing mobs ( which are shown to you , but most mobs are bog-standard Hollow ) 


the level cap is 40, you can be different types of character, from being a melee to tank to caster, or even a mixture of all three ( if you so desire ) 


Each race has its advantages and disadvantages, which you -may- have guessed by the very setting the server is in, they all have their ups and downs, but if you are convinced at all to join the serevr, or even nopt convinced and need to read more about it, I will link the site to yous and hope to see any of you in game.