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NWN R.P server
« on: April 03, 2015, 12:03:39 am »


So, I am writing today as I play on a server inside of the game neverwinter nights ( obviously ) , that being said though, I will be asking you as fellow members of our esteemed community to give this R.P. server a try, you dont need to like what it is based on as it isnt cannon.


The server I will be talking about today is a Server I played years ago, stopped and recently joined, it is a server which is based on the anime Bleach, and is called Bleach-X, or as we who play it call it B-X, now on this server there are three main races you can play, You can play as a Human, Shinigami, or hollow, it is a good game to try and play, and has got interesting plot lines in it and the player base is really friendly as well, I never knew anyone on that server bar one when I first joined, and I owe that person a great deal of thanks for convincing me to join it again, I forgot how fun it could be to play, the server does have a dice fight system in it, which is fairly easy to use, the server is not cannon, so everything there is a variant, there are the squads of sereitei , there is the land of the hollows Hueco Mundo, and there is the main city in bleach Karakura.


It is good to play if you are looking for something different, and I'm sure that the players there will greet you with open arms if you do decide to join the server and play, if you are one of the people who is interested, the hyperlink to the forums is here:     




Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you feel like playing then I hope to see you on server one day.