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Eternal Destiny- Contact Details
« on: April 28, 2014, 09:42:08 am »

Hi All,

This request may be in vain, but I was wondering if anyone knew lordmg aka Trueman, or DM Tombstone?

A long time ago, a PW Server existed called Eternal Destiny : (PW Action).


Lordmg, Tyndrel, and Sharona Curves all contributed to the development / creation of it.

Tyndrel and Sharona Curves have both passed away, and Lordmg might be the last person alive who has a copy of the module.


Its a bit of a gamble, as Lordmg and Sharona both split from eachother, each taking a different version of the mod.

So no guarantee he has a copy - unless its hidden in a folder somewhere on his hdd.


If he is permitting, I'd like to host, and continue to develop the module for him and the rest of the community.


Does anyone know Lordmg, or anyone else from the ED Staff?


I seem to remember a DM Chip as well, but know not if he is on these forums.