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World of Caenyr Update - November 2010
« on: November 14, 2010, 02:29:52 am »

               Hello Caenyrites & other NWN Community peeps! These last three months may just be the busiest the community has been in years! There's a heck of a lot going on, so let me get right to it!

First and foremost I have to mention one of the biggest initiatives Caenyr has ever embarked on - World of Caenyr Evolution (WoC Evo.)WoC has been one of the most successful and powerful PW forces to hit NWN, paving the way with ingenuity that others have adopted and leading the pack when it comes to community spirit and friendliness. The question then becomes- how do we do it again for another 8 years? The answer is WoC Evo. An initiative I started to have Caenyr adapt to the times but without damaging the core of who we are that has taken us this far and kept so many players in the community. To help me with this initiative I put together a focus group of players from various aspects of the community, a team I call the Fellowship of Caenyr.. yes... the FoC'ers. ;-) I use this team to help me get faster, more efficient feedback from the community in combination with the larger "Suggestions Forum" input from everyone, to develop changes that enhance the player experience in World of Caenyr. In the few months since WoC Evo went active I've already implemented some significant changes to our community such as an improved Builder Team for faster updates to the world (focus on getting player driven RP updates in as soon as they happen,) a Kingdom Travel system so players can get to each other faster, a Flexible Guild system to put the fate of the Caenyr guilds in YOUR hands not the administrators, a Unified Service Guild, rule improvements for Improved Evasion, Guild Sizes, Item Customization and more! And that's just the beginning! Another decision is to improve our forums to phpBB3 and I'm already working with our web host on the change. All of these changes are meant to improve player experience, player satisfaction, RP continuity and overall fun! Visit the new World of Caenyr Evolution Community forum on our website ( for more details!

As always I have to welcome new and returning players, and over the last couple of months it has been an enormous amount! I hope I didn't forget anyone but I'm sure I probably have so let me apologize up front!

NEW PLAYERS: Ekatarina Deveraux, Vhaluus, kewell100, Bellowsmoke, Tinker Dinkins, MattNoto, duke o'york, ozziewolf, Gidy'ynn, endill, Owtuvammo, Andarn, Ozgarda, Warstout, Invidius, usufructuary, Forged Concept

RETURNED PLAYERS: The Voices, Zahera, Exnostromos, Sierth, Artur Paendaeg (Fierden), Yas'vyre, ErikPerkins88, Yithare, Dean Torendella, Azrael, Raven (Ivana Serran), Sithenin (rushjet), Spoon, Gwenben, Liz (Flutterby), Hertog Jan, Renard, Lili Rumbelly, Henohenomoheji (Hikaru)

And unfortunately there are times when we also have to say farwell to some players. NKW, Alexandra Alyssa, Auriello, matthias and Tuscany you will be missed. The community wishes you all the best and hopes to see you
one day return home.

With the new and improved Builder Team has already come a ton of module updates! Some of the highlights from these updates include a Sea Battle Campaign, streamlined/improved/new Caenyr hakpaks, and in-game Auction system, a poison system, tons of new dungeons, items, guild updates, RP updates and more! The work that team
has done in just a couple of months has been extraordinary, and I have to thank Brutus (new Builder Foreman) for his incredible leadership in making it all happen! Thanks, Brutus and team!

At the end of the day, however, what is World of Caenyr without some great RP? Trust me, there has been no lack of that! The biggest news is by far the end of the Tendril conquest by Genocian forces. After years of effort the resistance, aided primarily by the Righteous, has finally driven the Overlord and his minions out of their land, liberating it from evil's grasp. This war didn't come at no cost, however, with the capital of Gwaen being razed to the ground as the Legion fled back south. But now free the people can begin rebuilding, but who will step up to take the throne and lead them into this new era?... Meanwhile, up north in the Kingdom of Chail, times are equally as challenging. Since the discoveredbetrayal by the Regent the Kingdom has been left without definite leadership, and an army divided between the King's Royal Lancers and theBlack Hand. In the midst of the chaos the Lizardfolk have attacked the lowlands and the Itheril conquered a portion of the forest. But the people have remained strong throughout and now new hope has risen from the birth of the King's Praetorian Knights and the leadership of Almares within the Council. Perhaps Chail too will find itself a new King in the near future...

Finally, in other community news we have had several Caenyr Player Conventions in cities such as Chicago (go figure) and Memphis, with several others on the horizon in Texas and also again Chicago. We also held several contests on the forums, one for a new Guild Leader of the Brethren (congrats Kusbana!) and one for a random drawing on those who gave donations to win a free character portrait courtesy of Yas'vyre (congrats Alur!) Meanwhile our MySpace fan page has gone through a complete facelift and also features a new Caenyr Shop item and new photos from conventions and in-game! Go check it out from the link on our website and also don't forget to follow us on Twitter at so you can stay up to date on all of the latest Caenyr news as it happens!


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