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Established Server Expanding our DM Team
« on: September 13, 2015, 01:41:14 am »


Argentum Regio, the module began with a single builder in 2003, it was established on the Internet in early 2007 and expanded the core team at that time. Since those early days, we have developed some of the best DM tools around. This amazing RP-enhanced server is now looking to expand the DM pool in preparation for the long awaited "End of Beta Test".



I've been to Argentum Regio and it's an ASTOUNDING server. Truth be told I still lurk there from time to time as a player... it's an amazing team. I only wish I had time to DM on it from time to time, but right now my life just isn't my own.  --Urk


This is a solid, well-scripted server with sophisticated systems that enable a DM to so so very much more here than we've found anywhere else. This is a RP server so DM applicants should possess or be desirous of acquiring solid skills as a RP DM. Our server uses the DMFI (much re-scripted) as a base and has numerous additional tools for DMs that extend the DMs abilities from there.



I have to say, after over two years of DMing on this server, it hasn't lost its touch. Left and right I find new features, capabilities, and awesome role play. The tools that we have on a DM here are in their own category, the ability to create quests, adventures, NPCs, and items on the fly is truly amazing. If you haven't come and seen us, we invite you with open arms. Come experience the awesome. -WhenNightComes

The server is solid, generally not requiring resets, lag-free and crash-free (averaging one crash per year - really). The server enables PLAYERs to RP their PCs better without tasking the DMs to help the actions of the RP - for example, winged PCs can FLY here so they don't have to ask a DM to 'fly them up to a ledge', our PCs can swim so there is no need of begging a DM to help one across a lake or stream. This all is intended to free our DMs to do more important things than TAXI PCs around.



Having just joined the server, I'm beyond impressed. The DMs were very friendly and helped me out a lot, and the players were nice enough to answer all my questions. The amount of features and realism this server offers is mind blowing. --_Okazaki


The module is HUGE - enabling DMs to 'move the action' quite freely, presenting interesting places for PCs of all levels to visit, adventure and explore. Huge? Yes HUGE : 1337+ Areas total, all this, lag free and stable. The module is also accessible to most NWN users as it requires only one hak, the CEP version 2.1 or better (many multi-player users already have this).

We offer the DM applicant a well established DM Orientation Program, including extensive Module Documentation (c. 600 page), custom tools, maps and more.



The immersion and realism is beyond compare. In no other server i have ever played on do you become so involved and spend so much time creating your unique story. Whether its simply questing, Exploring, climbing, swimming, flying, jumping around. (YES all of these are possible in ArgentumRegio) Or filling in your own log book of events in your personnel diary there is something for the new and experienced alike. --PerrinAybarah

If traditional tabletop or PnP style D&D is YOUR kind of DMing, you owe it to yourself to come walk the tutorial Area and witness the smoothness of function, the easy to use tools, and the extraordinary attention to detail that enables nearly boundless adventure potential.



I've been playing nwn for 10 years now and spend most of my time on a heavy duty RP server with great dm's and adventures, action en great pc's...after that server went down i quit nwn for 4 years, but the craving for nwn never died...

...thus 4 years later i installed it again and looked for a pw to play on...Argentum Region was the first and probably the last, it's a great place with many features that enhance roleplay, the players are very friendly and welcoming and accept both novice players and experienced roleplayers. The dm's host great events, and the players respond to the events with skill and enthusiasm, i have never seen anyone left out in the year i've been playing there now.  --Sploenk

See for yourself. LOG your NWN to IP (or find it under ROLE PLAY in gamespy). Create a PC (any class except cleric for your first PC as clerics are a little complicated and offer no great advantage in your tour of the tutorial Areas (aka "Noob U."). Ask any DM about the Immersion Tools - these in particular are must see items. The tutorial takes about 20 minutes and demos most of the major systems (which are very different than similar systems found in the nwvault - these were scratch coded for lag free use, and optimized to work well together).

Find our web site at

Links provided on the web site for our forum, and wiki.

Hope to see you online.