Author Topic: Looking for Script-capable Builders & DM's  (Read 1383 times)


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Looking for Script-capable Builders & DM's
« on: July 25, 2012, 10:31:28 am »

               Worlds of Rhun is a Rhun server with a small but loyal fanbase spread around America, Mexico, and some European Countries.

We have been around for around 5-6 years.

Worlds of Rhun, used to be a vanilla Lands of Rhun module, taken from the Vault, originally modified/created heavilly by Shayan (Author of the Subrace Engine) and the Rhunning team.

The module itself is practically not recognizable as the one from the nwvault.

Things added:

Many Subrace Engine Changes:
Subrace Heatbeats,
Subrace Rivalries with other Subraces,
Subracial Point and Click powers - via playertools
Subracial Toggle Modes.

Stargate System:
CEP Team added the model, so I decided to make it functional.
Choose 6 symbols, and if those symbols match another gate somewhere else in the server, it will activate the stargate, and you can travel there.

Vampire Bloodline System:
100% original.
Basically your clan system, except that it is geared/themed towards the idea that vampirism is a curse/disease that can be unique for each bloodline.
You gain bloodpoints per kill, which can then be spent to upgrade your whole bloodline.
Your bloodline includes people who you have sired, and who they have sired, and so on.
Upgrades achievable via the bloodlines include up to +27 in each ability score. (the cost increases as you purchase more)
Immunity to certain damages etc
Vampire Mental Abilities
Vampire Stealth Abilities
Vampire Teleport Abilities

Bloodlines also get their own Castle Stronghold, dynamically generated.
Each comes with a wing of the castle that leads to that bloodline members Private Quarters, where they have a stash.

Magic Systems:

Incantations: Toggle Incantation mode, speak a phrase, and then use Playertool05 - and you will launch a spell effect at the target. These spell effects are custom scripts, added like modules via nwnx_resman. So we dont require reboots to add more.

Rituals: Like incantations, except you engage ritual mode instead, and then speak a series of chat messages in sequence. Get all the steps correct, then the script/Magic effect fires.
Many rituals create persistent effects, that create large AOE Effects in the area.
Eg - One such ritual, creates a rain storm that encompasses the whole server, but also strikes all enemies within 25ft of the casters circle, with lightning.
For these persistent effects, the magic stays active while the user maintains a presence in the circle, and stays ontop of Concentration and Spellcraft checks per hb.

Crafting Cauldron: Like Rituals, except instead of words, you put items into the cauldron in a specific order.
 Get the order right, then you will either trigger a script that creates an effect of sorts.
You will get the desired item that the recipie creates.

  On Respawn - they go to the Spectral Realm.
          a Dark, Ghostly place that is a copy of the area where they died.
         Feasting on ghostly energies in this realm, allows the vampire to return to his body.

Rhun Specifics
Added new worlds to Rhun.
Nosgoth - VAMPIRE Themed or ANTI Vampire themed.
Gyperia - High Level Desert world.

Galum Hills and the City of Etum, are now embroiled in a war with the Vampires.
Galum hills is now a warzone. (not live yet - but when it is, the WarZone version of the area can be toggled on and off)

Anyway - too much to go through about Rhun.
Come and visit

Ideal Candidates can work in a team,
Follow the rules: No exploiting DM or Scripter positions
Quick to learn frameworks- (eg, scripting systems that we have built out)

Also in process of doing a Diablo Themed quest line: Creative people with Diablo experience would be welcome, if they can also do a little area/quest creation/plotting.