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Those are the haks, though if you scroll down on the haks page you linked-to, you'll see the links there '<img'>


Also, the only hak you need to begin is CEP.  But, if you want to start as an elf, dwarf, or evil halforc, then you'll need the additional haks.  Log into the Start CEP server.


I'd recommend starting as a human, halfling, or gnome.  You can always make another once you get the lay of the land!




Thanks for the detailed answers again. I was just looking at your haks page and noticed it didn't have the links to your required haks.


Are these the haks needed for your server?




CTP Doors: http://neverwinterva...p-generic-doors

CTP Babylon: http://neverwinterva...set/ctp-babylon

CTP Main: http://neverwinterva...tileset-project


Lord of worms: http://neverwinterva...-pw-server-haks


Ori: http://neverwinterva...riental-tileset




Food/Water/Bedroll:  We do not have a hunger/thirst system.  However we do have those items for use if you find it helpful.  Having food and a bedroll in your inventory when you rest will help you heal more.  Having water will help you avoid weather-related effects.  But none of those items are required.


Death:  Death is pretty simple:  respawn to your affiliated town or temple.  There will be some gold loss and some xp loss.  Also, an item you were carrying will be dropped.  Other than that, respawn away!


Other Customizations:  The single biggest thing to know before you start is that you cannot transition from one area to another while in active combat (i.e. when the combat music is playing).  This prevents a very common exploit of camping right outside a transition point to use it as a foil against enemies to rest or escape.  You must resolve the combat situation before you can transition areas.  Other, mostly minor customizations, can be found here.


RP:  Arenthyor is designed as an RP world, so there's lots of story and lore.  You can choose how deeply to immerse yourself.  We allow OOC chat and believe that it helps to build a strong playerbase.  We just ask that you use your best judgement around others in balancing OOC vs. in-character and that any OOC discussion happen in party chat or in tells.  The 'Talk' channel should be reserved for RP.


PvP and SRP:  We distinguish PvP from CvC.  Character vs. Character conflict is allowed, though we have common-sense guidelines that make sure it doesn't get into griefing, PK'ing, or other unwanted interaction.  As long as you remember that the experience is supposed to be enjoyable for both/all parties involved, you'll probably be in safe waters.


Solo:  Yes, we do have many areas and dungeons that are designed to be soloable, though keep in mind that in all areas, the challenge level is high.  Also, your play style will affect this.  Running blindly into combat is a quick way to get overwhelmed.  You have to be open to adapting to this new environment.  Tactics learned elsewhere may not work well in Arenthyor (but that's part of the fun!).  Party play will help you learn faster, gain xp faster, earn treasure faster in that you'll be able to survive in more challenging areas sooner and longer.  It will also help you learn which areas are safe for solo and which ones should be avoided until your power grows.


I'm happy to arrange a time to meet in-game and show you or anyone else around.  Also, our forums and website have a ton of information such as protips  for new players.  


See you there!




Thanks for the detailed answer. It sounds like an interesting world. I just have a few more questions for you.

1) Are there any custom rules regarding rest (food/water/bedroll needed? only in specific areas?) death (respawn disallowed/permadeath?) disabled feats, classes, races, spells etc?

2) Is this a world where RP is optional, or at least allowed to be respectfully ignored?

3) Do you have any rules on PVP and SRP (18+ stuff)?

4) Can one solo if there are no other players around?


Thanks in advance of your patience with my questions!




Does that mean elves and magic classes are not allowed to be played?


Good question!


Yes, elves are playable.  But, they are located in a separate place - in their land of Ithaeria, which is not accessible (as far as anyone knows) to the other races or the land of Arenthyor.  Non-fey races believe them to have vanished almost seven hundred years prior.  Some half-elves roam the land, but they are reviled almost as much as the memory of their ancestors.  Note that not all is peaceful in Ithaeria, for the drow and other evil fey inhabit that same land.


Yes, magic classes (wizards, sorcerers, druids, clerics, etc..) are all playable.  The wizard class is restricted to elves, though.  Other non-fey races may be sorcerers (this distinguishes the different 'types' of magic that each group is using).  Divine and druidic magic is unchanged.




Does that mean elves and magic classes are not allowed to be played?




Direct Connect:


Ready for something different?  Something challenging?  Something that makes you remember those heady days when you had to earn your character's success and death was around every corner?


Welcome to Arenthyor.


Arenthyor is a roleplaying server offering a balance of high roleplaying and adventure in a medium magic and slow/medium leveling environment.  It is a challenging world that will make you rethink what you think you know about NWN.  Expect the unexpected and never take your safety for granted!

Arenthyor's rich, detailed lore provides unlimited inspiration for your roleplay and a welcoming community in which to tell your character's story.


In Arenthyor, the world was literally ripped apart some 670+ years prior and is only now emerging from the dark age.  Humans have no civilization to speak of, with  most living as nomadic bands foraging the land and fleeing from predators.  However, one rumor of a 'human' city located deep in the swamps drives the foolish and mad to investigate while the other races hide in their ancestral homelands.


Elves and other fey are reviled.  Most say they caused the Riftening that tore the world apart, for just before the cataclysm all those hundreds of years ago, they disappeared and have not been seen since.


When the fey disappeared, they took their knowledge of wizardly magic with them.  Only recently have gnomes discovered and shared a new, alchemical-based magic that seems to allow the non-fey to tap into arcane energies.


Join Arenthyor today and see if you have the luck to survive and the skill to flourish.


Only CEP 2.6 is required to log-on (and for many, many areas).  Additional haks are required for higher-level areas (once you've decided to stay).





Over 1,700 monsters to slay you!

Expansive world spanning multiple servers

Randomized dungeons

Player owned guilds and leadership

Random merchant inventories

Item Creation and Enchantment

Unique loot system


Unique Crafting system

Ridable Horses, Jousting, and so much more...


Link to the original thread with more information




That is the best argument I've heard for pre-loading haks. Thanks Shadooow!




This is normal, LAN game behaves very similar to an actual multiplayer server hosted via nwserver.exe, where haks aren't loaded when connecting to the server.


You both would need my latest nwncx_patch plugin which is able to preload haks in LAN game.


or alternatively since its just for you and your son, you can preload haks manually via nwnpatch.ini method.




My son and I have decided that we want to change our LAN server to require server-side characters.


However, during server only character creation we no longer see the custom portraits, custom heads, and increased # of skill points (custom .2da). If we switch back to local characters, everything is fine.


Any ideas how to fix this?





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