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1 General Discussion / case studies. write essays online
« Last post by Davinpi on October 28, 2022, 05:39:43 pm »
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2 General Discussion / Building a new Game
« Last post by bennieDEw on April 22, 2019, 08:13:11 pm »
If youre handy with an equalizer, you can make any brand of speaker match any other, just as long as they can play as loudly without blowing out.
3 General Discussion / Activation Email Issue
« Last post by HenrySeant on March 18, 2019, 01:19:36 am »
Ive sent you an email with activation codes. Check your spam folder, and let me know if youve received it
4 General Discussion / New Static Lexicon Site
« Last post by Baaleos on December 27, 2017, 05:00:35 pm »

This hosts a static copy of the Lexicon - taken directly from the compiled help file.
5 General Discussion / Building a new Game
« Last post by Baaleos on November 14, 2017, 02:20:04 pm »
Some shameless advertising here.
I am building a website which is going to act as a portal to an online social game.
Introducing: Blood Eternal

Blood Eternal will be a shard based game where registered users can build, develop and expand their game universe.
The game engine will allow the owners of such game universes and their staff, to define what happens on just about any type of event they can imagine via a LUA scripting engine that will give access to the inner workings of the Game Engine itself.

For example:
Once you create an area in your game world, you could add a Door to the area that will take people who use it to another area.
You could customize the OnUsed event to only work for people of various races etc.
Or event to make it so the door will only unlock if a certain item is used on the door.

Blood Eternal is a Social game with the emphasis on Social Interactions and roleplay.
Inspired by Table Top based games like D&D with some flavour from World of Darkness Chronicle based games - Blood Eternal will allow you to define entire worlds, races, combat engines and mechanics and more.
6 General Discussion / DKIM Added to E-Mail (For Activation Mails)
« Last post by Baaleos on May 22, 2017, 09:08:22 am »
Some newly registered users were using mail hosts that were bouncing the forum activation emails back at us.
This was because our server was not DKIM signed.
This has been resolved now - so new users using custom email servers and the like should have no problem receiving emails from the forum.
Persistent Worlds & Multiplayer / Shattered Lands - Scars of Time
« Last post by Legacy_GearsOfMadness on July 25, 2016, 10:14:44 pm »


Hey man! Long time no see.




 hope you didn't bite of more then you can chew this time though. Re-creating essential parts of the D&D system and creating a new setting...sounds like a life project dude. I hope this doesn't become one of thoose PW's that never gets finished... 


I totally agree with this sentiment. I should be able to accomplish it. The original SL was a ton of work. Funny enough, most of the work had to do with converting my own setting to Faerun, haha. SL as a setting was originally meant to be my own, but I converted it to Faerun for ease of play. Which is to say, the setting that I'm doing SL in now has already mostly being written, so it's just a matter of building some basic systems to handle everything and then world building. Once the systems are done (which I'm working diligently on) and areas get put in, it should be ready to play. I'll probably have it online in beta-ish once level 15 is accessible. Then patch it as higher levels become available, up to 40. 


Persistent Worlds & Multiplayer / Shattered Lands - Scars of Time
« Last post by Legacy_SuperFly_2000 on July 15, 2016, 09:20:54 pm »


Wow...welcome back man!


This was one of the few PW's I still played about the time it was online. It struck me how well built it was...and it looked like it used custom content although it didn't. I guess the creater had gone out of his way to dig up rare and good looking stuff in the vanilla toolset.


Besides looking good it had good balance and was great for some co-op adventures. It wasn't huge but still rather big.


I hope you didn't bite of more then you can chew this time though. Re-creating essential parts of the D&D system and creating a new setting...sounds like a life project dude. I hope this doesn't become one of thoose PW's that never gets finished... 


Persistent Worlds & Multiplayer / Shattered Lands - Scars of Time
« Last post by Legacy_GearsOfMadness on July 13, 2016, 01:54:52 am »




Though this PW is not yet active, I wanted to leave some teasers here for those who might show an interest in a returning PW. Eventually I will be posting hak and connection information once those become available and when the server leaves production phase and becomes ready for players. 


The original run lasted 6 years, 2008 until 2014, when I left NwN and the project in the care of others, to do things that weren't Neverwinter. 2016, I have returned to the SL project and am breaking away from Faerun and adding haks, like I originally wished to do. Those familiar with the original SL will find the world is much different than the new, but the general atmosphere of the world should remain the same.


There are people who have compared SL to a Neverwinter form of Dark Souls in terms of challenge, others have enjoyed exploring the large inter-connected world, some have liked the custom tools available to roleplay out characters, and then there are those who spoke highly of how some creatures bear unique AI or attacks not in vanilla Neverwinter.


The last of which, I intend to expand upon, in 2.0, with making each boss have unique A.I.


Regardless of the why people liked Shattered Lands, I would like to reinvent that fulfilling atmosphere with its second coming. It should be released some time in the following six months for open play, assuming real life doesn't get in the way.


Level Range: 3 - 40

Weapon/Armor Range: +5 Gear

Races: (Roughly) 20 Core/40 Subraces

Classes: Unknown at this time, but will be non-standard.

World: Non-Faerun, Medieval Ages

Haks: CEP, Q, & other lesser notables. 


Here are a few screenshots to give an idea of my current projects I am building pertaining to Shattered Lands. The first pair are links to Imgur if you do not want to download an archive. The second two are a collection of screenshots to give a better idea.


Kepior Plains


Ethasia, Heavenly City


JRPG World Map


Miscellaneous Areas



Again, as progress comes, this post will be updated with further information.







I had adblocker turned on and it disabled half your page! Oooops lol '<img'>


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