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Title: Crane's NWN1 Tourney!
Post by: Legacy_CraneNWN on July 31, 2012, 03:35:45 am

               Announcing Crane's PvP (Legit) Tournament! Date: 8/3/2012. Time (Starting 7pm until done) Pacific Time Zone.
     The contest will be standard tournament format 1v1, starting tables will be randomly chosen by me (I will be in DM Mode). First prize will take $70 USD, second $30 (will be paid via Pay-pal). This depends of course if enough people are there and register on the server with me for the tournament.Winner will also get a special in server statue in pvp area for the sheer thrill of boasting rights.
     (1). The server has a healthy character and item filter to weed out any "hacked" items and builds. As far as item restrictions go the item cap is 4,200,000 per item (LvL 40). No hp potions allowable. 
     (2). I suggest getting to know the server before hand to test out your item sets and of course there is a leveler
in the server. Server location is under Arena Tab, named "Crane's classic NWN PvP." The server will be on and off whenever I have the time to host (usually 6:30-10 PM Pac St Time - Mon-Frid and up most of the time on the weekends).
     (3). Why am I doing this? I just recently got back into playing NWN1 after a long break. I was active in the arena
legit pvp scene back in 01-04 then played NWN2 for a short while. I just want to relive at least for a short while -
the glory days of NWN1 legit pvp. If this happens to resurrect some spark into more servers and people playing in the legit arena scene so the better. Depending on the turn out of the event I will opt to do more of these in the future.
     (4). Any comments or suggestions to the server on how to better prepare it for the tournament or even suggestions of other NWN forums that might be interested in such an event should be addressed either as a PM here on these forums or (MSN) (or a simple email).
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Title: Crane's NWN1 Tourney!
Post by: Legacy_Shadooow on August 06, 2012, 02:43:52 pm

               I dont understand. This was one-day event? Or if not when this is over? I am really interested but never saw your server online yet - perhaps because Im from Europe so I wasn't there at time.

Anyway, did this really even started?