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Title: Fighting Morag's Chosen...
Post by: Legacy_Gavindale on February 21, 2016, 08:10:35 pm


I am just beyond the battle with two dragons - the part of the game where I cannot rest, use my Stone of Recall, and can't go anywhere but farther into the dungeon. I am outside the door to the room where there is a group of Morag's Chosen. I have tried various strategies, but in the end my hireling dies mid-battle. And when I get down to a couple chosen left, the cleric summons another one. I tried charging the cleric but get attacked by a group of chosen. Can anyone help me?


Title: Fighting Morag's Chosen...
Post by: Legacy_Mystery X on February 21, 2016, 08:52:47 pm


I've not often played wizards like I think I remember you are, so I don't have great wizard strategies.


As you have figured out, the cleric is your main target.  Unfortunately, it's hard to get your henchman to target a specific enemy.  What you can't do is try to fight them through the doorway.  You need to either be in the room with them before the battle starts, or draw them out of the room to another area that is more advantageous for you.


If you have some invisibility available to you, you might be able to get you and your henchman (with a follow command) into the room, up next to the cleric, and then unload on the cleric.  Of course that means the Chosen will surround you and attack you, so you'll need a plan to clean them up while surrounded.


I don't know if the cleric is using a spell or scripted ability.  If it's a regular spell, you might have a shot at preventing his raising the Chosen by using a Silence spell, or something else that disrupts a caster's ability to cast.  Anything you have to immobilize him may work.


You might be able to break up the Chosen by having them chase you through the dungeon.  Take your henchman all the way back to the entrance, issue a Stand Your Ground order, and make your henchman invisible.  Then go back to the Chosen, and as soon as the first one spots you, run and get them to chase.  Hopefully not all will see you and chase.  If you are moving faster with Haste, they should give up on chasing you as you run out of line of sight, and maybe stand around where they lost you.  You might be able to string them out throughout the dungeon, so you can go back invisibly and take the cleric with fewer Chosen support.


Alternately, if you string them out, you can try taking out the Chosen one at a time.  The cleric may not be able to raise Chosen out of line-of-sight.  Better yet, if the cleric is scripted to go raise a fallen Chosen regardless of line of sight, you can use a stray dead Chosen as bait to lure him out of the room.


Title: Fighting Morag's Chosen...
Post by: Legacy_Gavindale on February 21, 2016, 08:56:45 pm


First, thanks for the advice - I will put it to good use. As for the class I am using, I am using both a wizard and a fighter. But I have some good ideas now. Thanks!


Title: Fighting Morag's Chosen...
Post by: Legacy_unclejoe1917 on February 22, 2016, 11:59:42 pm


I have to say that wizard has always been the most difficult class for getting through this last bit of the OC.  I have two words for you...Scrolls and Wands.  I normally don't make much use of them, but as I start getting into the home stretch of the game, I stock up on them as much as possible so I can keep a full compliment of spells in the last battle.


Title: Fighting Morag's Chosen...
Post by: Legacy_AndrueD on March 10, 2016, 07:05:25 am


Here a way that always work for all my high mage. I play on worse game diff all games... kinda like server playing where NPC crit way more than what dice would roll.  This plan look like it too many moves but get easy with trying a few times for practice.


Make hench & toon invis b4 open door to cleric. Open door walk past mob to where other door locked and stand.   Tell hench stand there too. Get pet. Start buffs. First use long buffs then shorter ones. Make pet possession. Donna make pet invis. Move pet to door that you open b4.  Wait til convo done then attack any chosed lizard near to door but just use pet.  Run pet back the way you come from other level.  Most lizards will follow pet cuz they have no true seer skin to see toon & hench.


But cleric have tru seer spell so prolly walk to try to kill toon & hench near lock door.  Sometime cleric cast seeing, sometime not. Cleric have no spells with damage so will try using mace after all buffd. When pet take other lizardmen far down other hall use scroll spell in cleric room.  I like Horrid Wilts that I save from drops and am thinking those in store too.  Horrid Wilt spell always hurt lizards bad.  When cleric walk through Wilt AoE he get hurt then tell hench to attack.  If mage toon have fighting level, it can hit cleric but must kill fast b4 other lizardmen see the battle and try to help  & come thru door. If pet not die when doing kite (it always die for me), must break possessed pet off with radial b4 toon can move to fight or cast.


Once cleric dead, very easy battle for wiz to stand behind hench who block door so only battle one lizardman at one time.


It best to buy lots of +10 heal kit to heal hench fiting lizards at door cuz when use heal skill (not pots, they hurt battle too much), hench get no AoO, never must break attack to swallow pot. Tell hench not to move past door when a lizard die then tell to attack again when next lizard come to door space.  I use fast monk tank but orc good too. Cleric and bard ok, but donna buff very good.  Rogue too low HP.  Sorc never use hi enough spells on lizardmen to do good damage and also too low HP.


Main thing for mage is buying spell scrolls of L4 and higher to battle against lizard type b4 sanctum. No wands in OC can hurt lizardmen. They all have immunity for all spell L3 and lower and no L4 wands in OC unless mage craft some with skel bone drops.  Save good spells for Morag after spell protection statue dead.


Bard worst class mage for this battle cuz spells only go to L6 and not strong spells.  Bard use all same scrolls though... if UMD high enough.


If mage can set many good traps in hall where pet kites (wiz is good trapper), lizards die but cleric will bring some back.  But not all come back if toon & hench kill cleric fast.