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what does this mean?



               Checking node windserpent_bone_60
The rotation controller for "windserpent_bone_60" is not linear: 'Euler_XYZ'
'Controllers on Keys' Check failed.

im trying to copy an existing animation from another game and add it as a new animation




               controllers for nodes come in various flavors and are used for different animation needs. NWN exporters prefer doing business with linear types. There are two options I know of which do not involve a lot of typing, and those are shown in the image below. One comes with NwMax and other comes with VelTools. They should both convert input controllers to the linear type, ready for export via NwMax.




               now im getting these errors when i added the skin mesh to the model, there wasn't any sanity check problems




               Not very descriptive is it? Don't you love that?
Here's a short list of crap that can throw in the toolset:

* Shadow errors (far too many to describe) caused by skinmesh issues

* Too many bones in a single skinmesh (various model types accept different bone counts)

* Too many bones affecting a single node (should have thrown an export error)
Perhaps if you screen shot the model hierarchy that might help determine some more details. Or run it through cm3 to see what it says. There are far more bug checking details packed into that beast of a program than I care to discuss here




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