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               if I do custom loadscreens and overwrite some of the ones already in then it can be a optional download correct? or could I even just make it a server side only override as that would be even better like you can with a music hak.


Legacy_Bannor Bloodfist:

               Loadscreens must exist on the client computer (your players machines).  So, you have to provide them to your clients.  This is true for all graphics actually.  Doesn't really matter what graphics you have on the server side, the image that the player sees comes from the players computer.

The way the engine is designed, it is setup so that as little as possible comes from the actual server, meaning the smallest possible data flow from server to client.  Scripts, creatures, npc's etc, are server side, the physical layout of the areas as well.  But the server only sends the wok data to the client, the actual images (tiles etc) are loaded from client computer.  As mentioned, the wok file is the only file actually transferred from the server directly and all of the controlling files, like 2da etc are controlled by the server.

Anyway, you have to send the clients a hak with the updated loadscreen.2da file, and the physical loadscreen image files as well. 2 per loadscreen, small version and full size version.  Although technically, the players/clients only need the full size version, as the smaller version is only used to create/choose from when building the area.



               Cool thanks Bannor as had no idea would need two versions.


Legacy_Bannor Bloodfist:

               TSMDude wrote...

Cool thanks Bannor as had no idea would need two versions.
--- End quote ---

Grab this NWN Area Load Screen Creation Kit v1.05 by Pasus Nauran.  It will guide you through creating new loadscreens and editing the loadscreen.2da etc.

There is another util out there, but I have never tried to use it:  Loading Screen Converter by PJ Calimvar.



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