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Building a new Game
« on: November 14, 2017, 02:20:04 pm »
Some shameless advertising here.
I am building a website which is going to act as a portal to an online social game.
Introducing: Blood Eternal

Blood Eternal will be a shard based game where registered users can build, develop and expand their game universe.
The game engine will allow the owners of such game universes and their staff, to define what happens on just about any type of event they can imagine via a LUA scripting engine that will give access to the inner workings of the Game Engine itself.

For example:
Once you create an area in your game world, you could add a Door to the area that will take people who use it to another area.
You could customize the OnUsed event to only work for people of various races etc.
Or event to make it so the door will only unlock if a certain item is used on the door.

Blood Eternal is a Social game with the emphasis on Social Interactions and roleplay.
Inspired by Table Top based games like D&D with some flavour from World of Darkness Chronicle based games - Blood Eternal will allow you to define entire worlds, races, combat engines and mechanics and more.


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Building a new Game
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If youre handy with an equalizer, you can make any brand of speaker match any other, just as long as they can play as loudly without blowing out.