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Server Side Character Creation not seeing custom content



               My son and I have decided that we want to change our LAN server to require server-side characters.
However, during server only character creation we no longer see the custom portraits, custom heads, and increased # of skill points (custom .2da). If we switch back to local characters, everything is fine.
Any ideas how to fix this?




               This is normal, LAN game behaves very similar to an actual multiplayer server hosted via nwserver.exe, where haks aren't loaded when connecting to the server.
You both would need my latest nwncx_patch plugin which is able to preload haks in LAN game.
or alternatively since its just for you and your son, you can preload haks manually via nwnpatch.ini method.




               That is the best argument I've heard for pre-loading haks. Thanks Shadooow!




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