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               Greetings fellow NWNers,
Characters continue to arrive in Brost, the rural village on the historic Tethir Road.
It is an exciting time to visit our module, with feedback helping us to shape the world around each player.
A paladin brings forward the faith of a newly risen god.  An elf seeks the heirloom of their kin.  Wizards aplenty test their spells in lands uncertain to them.  Druids study the mysteries and may find troubling secrets under oft-turned stones.  The blackcoats arrive, calling forth their inquisitions even as the Zhentarim and other dark forces make their move on a beleaguered land, one said to possess precious treasures.
Many seem to be simple folk just trying to get by in a war torn land. But everyone has secrets.
The werewolf lurks in familiar form, that of a friend or neighbor.
The knight errant receives aid from outside this world.
The pasha's daughter receives a stipend of coins earned from illegal substances and the slave trade.
The drow denouncing Lolth has taken up another, darker goddess in her place, and that is why they have sought exile on the surface.
In an uncertain political environment featuring a host of rival barons, and an absentee Elven count with larger concerns, the moss-covered statues of old silently offer their tale of a rich and tragic history of betrayal, murder and intrigue.
The Paladin looked upon the slick, bleached bones of what could only be a peasant, one that wandered too close to the accursed site.  The Paladin vowed, "I shall make the night my hunting ground."




               Hey everyone, Just joined this awesome server and wanted to thank the staff for they're professionalism and genuine friendly demeanor.
Really recommend this server for those who love highly detailed, hand-crafted experiences. The DMs have a great story to share with us, the players and i'd love to share this with many of you who love role-play and D&D! Come on over and grab a seat at the tavern, who knows what the day will bring!
Also, If anything has any questions or needs help of any kind please feel free to PM me or the staff,  as for myself my profile is the same here, on the forums, and in game.. Thanks and hope to see you in the Lands of Intrigue!




               Thank you for the warm endorsement, MajinGoji.
I'm excited to report that the Tethyr server plot has taken on a life of its own.  Each action by our players has spurred on some other condition or consequence - for my part it is just more proof that tabletop style gaming IS possible through NWN.  The depth and continuity we can achieve are truly remarkable.
I'm so glad this project has given us the opportunity to reach a new audience, make new friends, and enjoy NWN the way we've always wanted to.
We are the Lands of Intrigue Server, and we are your single source of truly thrilling, canon Forgotten Realms campaign stories played in a 3.5 standard with AD&D spirit.
The adventure continues this weekend, Friday, July 29th, with the standoff with the monster army of Sotheliss continuing in West Haven, even as adventurers muster the strength to prevent the eastward march of this terrible force.  Elsewhere in the crags just south of the Black Spire of the Small Teeth Mountains, a dark clad woman would discover that her latest prize - a cold forged sword built to contain a being not of this world - had come up missing.  Curiously, no official declaration is made regarding the missing object... But whispers and speculation wandered afar on the Tethir Road, and of this matter there was no exception.




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