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               Dear fellow NWNers,
It is my great pleasure to tell you about Lands of Intrigue: Tethyr, a persistent roleplay server for NWN1.
This is an extremely lore-rich part of the setting, entailing political struggles between Amn, Tethyr, and Calimshan, collectively known as the Lands of Intrigue.
We have a dedicated if small staff of DMs, Builders, and scripters working hard to bring you a classic interpretation of the low magic, medieval countryside of Tethyr in 1370 DR that has only just recovered from the struggle of its civil war, the Interregnum.
Please come check out our forums where you can learn all about our custom summoning changes inspired by 2E, our supported subraces, and the exciting 5 prestige classes we have added for you to explore.




               Looks like very intensive and creative work you guys and girls have created on the custom classes. And creating a whole line of different summons per terrain type is really a cool idea.





               Thank you very much, Tarashon!  
We can hardly decide which new prestige class we love the most, so we feel like they're in a good place.
Those summoned monsters come right from the AD&D Monster Manual summon monster lists, but were then compared against the terrain types presented for Random Encounters in the 3.5 DMG, which provided the resulting matrix for our summoning possibilities.
Many thanks for checking us out and hoping you find your way down the Tethir Road and into the Lands of Intrigue.




               Hi folks, just wanted to drop a note that we'll be running events for new players through the 4th of July weekend, starting July 2nd!
The Lands of Intrigue: Tethyr server is kicking off in the year 1370, when the monster armies of the Ogre Mage Sotheliss have just attacked historical Trademeet to the west.  The barons and lord knights of Brost County Tethyr rally their men to arms - and great honors and rewards await those who serve the Crown faithfully!
Calls for the valiant echo throughout the land.



               Dear fellow NWNers,
It is my great pleasure to visit you once more with some information about our server, the Lands of Intrigue: Tethyr.
This tabletop-style adventure will resume this weekend, July the 15th, 2016!
Here is a posting with a little bit more information about the types of characters you might play: http://forums.functi.../8500547/1/#new
Additionally, an aspiring soldier named Tera Dalley wants your help to become the Sheriff of Brost: http://forums.functi...opic/8502655/1/
Exciting new prestige classes await your exploration, along with other modifications to NWN to bring you as close as you can get to a classical, 2E style game where nearly anything is possible.



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