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Do you even still play NWN?

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               I recently cam back to playing NWN after a long period of absence.
When I played NWN in the first 4 or 5 years after it's release, there were more Persistent Worlds than you could ever play on and there was Neverwinter Connections which was used for matchmaking for game with a Pen & Paper feel, meaning that a group of players (and possibly a dm) team up to play a game on a regular basis. I always found this way of playing more intriguing than PWs because roleplay was much more interesting that way and also the static quests on PWs were not really that interesting to play. They mostly involved grinding the same areas over and over again to gain enough XP to level up. And most PWs had DM events, of course. But those had to match your schedule and were often totally overcrowded by players which broke immersion for me.
Anyway... The Pen & Paper type of NWN game doesn't seem to exist anymore. I posted a request for this type of game here on the forums and I got exactly on reply as a pm. The good thing is that it lead to a regular game like I hoped for, but I wonder what I'll do in terms of playing NWN if this group ever stops playing and I also wonder why there is such an active community here if the only multiplayer activity seems revolve around a handful of persistent worlds. 
Is that really the only way to play m multiplayer NWN which is not dead? Do you guys really prefer playing single player instead of playing the same module with 2-4 other people, including a dm who makes the game so much more fun? Or do you play this kind of games, but only with people you already know and an outsider has no chance of knowing this game takes place, let alone becoming part of it?




               you just need to meet more people. i am not currently doing a pen and paper style game due to other commitments, but it is my preferred way of playing as well.




               We have group that play LAN cuz sumtime have lose PW connect but LAN stay up better.  They use swap DM each sesson so it stay fun.  These most are old PnP who canna drive so far to play on board today.
Still many gud PW on but ned to try many.  Am thinking PW that here now much better than b4 cuz balense seem better.  Like u say, they do PnP changes sumtime.  Same for the LAN. Gud balance like PnP.
Must remember sumthin, tho.  We not kids nemore so it get hard for plan game with all working nd mayb have grandkids even now for some.  Donna think ppl who get NWN from GOG take so serus as wen you play many year passd so there not new players to fill 4 all ppl that get busy.
Am thinking you ned to try more PWs but must talk to player lots b4 start out.  For me it hard cuz it must speak português else I ned sumone to help but still find ppl who like to play like me nd donna care.





you just need to meet more people. 

--- End quote ---

Don't get wrong, I know how to meet people. In real life, that is. 
But if it comes to people who might be interested in playing NWN, all I can come up with is is this forum as it seems to be the one with the most active users. I already tried that with not so overwhelming results.
So what exactly do you mean bei "meet people" in terms of playing NWN in such a group?




So what exactly do you mean bei "meet people" in terms of playing NWN in such a group?

--- End quote ---

Must log to sum server where u see ppl list to make frends.  No other way today, Sry.
Sum ppl make facebook or sum site to help meet frends but am thinking they get too busy for it to keep werkin.
NNCS one place that have link list but NeverwinterConnections down for very long time.  That did wut u are looking for.
There still server list wut show how many ppl on nd have direct connect addy but I donna know url anymore (ne1 know wut link is for neltymind ???).



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