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Question concercing Viking Northeast Replacement - Diablo the Dark Wanderer

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               Hi all,

A few days ago I wanted to play on the multiplayer server Diablo the Dark Wanderer. Much to my pleasure, I discovered my old characters were still available. However, when I wanted to enter the server I received the message: You have been booted.

This propably has to do with the fact that I am using different cd-keys on my account, than I did when I first played on this server. I have lost my original HotU cd key, so I can't just change them back to the orginal.

Does someone know how I can contact the server host of this module? I was hoping he could change my cd-keys, so I could use my old characters once again

Kind Regards




               I sent the owner a pm with this thread.




               You are good to go.




               Thank you very much!




               Seems like I also can't join the server when I create a new character... Any luck contacting the server host?




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