Author Topic: Need help with Corpses in death system  (Read 1713 times)

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Need help with Corpses in death system
« on: August 01, 2016, 11:10:12 am »


Hey guys,

We're using Vuldricks base systems and we're having an issue with the death system not generating a body. Instead the system creates an item in the lootbag that cannot be raised by PCs or any scroll abilities, the system Vuldrick coded in creates a false image of the dead PC's body that is tied to the loot bag. This results in the image remaining with the loot bag even after the body item has been removed; additionally, when the item is dropped, the image of the dead PC's body isn't teleported back and forth through the Fugue Plane as it does in standard HCR.


We like the death and dying system that Vuldrick provides because it helps us find an intermediary difficulty between hardcore and friendliness to newbies.  We also like the Item Loss on Death system provided by Vuldrick because it allows PCs to only drop what they have equipped as well as a random item from their inventory. This is hardcore in that it makes PCs lose something when they die, but soft enough that it helps newbies that have to respawn for a level loss to be able to have some things to continue playing, even if they were out dungeon crawling alone.


What we want is for someone to help us understand what needs to be done to excise the corpse and raising system from HCR and integrate it into Vuldrick's system. This way we can keep what we like about Vuldrick's system without having to scrap the whole thing to start from HCR's basemod.


Vuldricks was not designed with a raisable corpse like in the HCR system. It has a very similar system to HCR systems, but Vuldrick designed the player corpse lazily to be the actual player’s body so it cannot be dragged around and raised by a PC or scroll; It is only raisable by NPCs. So our issue is to create a body placeable that will disappear after it is picked up like in the HCR systems and that can be raised by PCs and Scrolls.


Thanks again,


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Need help with Corpses in death system
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2016, 09:50:28 pm »


could you start by posting snippets of code you think are relevant to the issue?