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New Scripting Project
« on: March 21, 2011, 07:08:53 am »

               I'm working on a CEP v2.4 Crafting & Appearance Scriptset, I loath updating my scripts for CEP, specifically the crafting & PC Appearance Alterations (Like Portrait / Appearances / VFXs / Wings / Tails / Etc), it's usually takes me a two to three weeks to get all the scripts finished.

I completey skipped CEP v2.3 because I had just finished scripts for CEP v2.2...

So now, I'm going to be working full force on Crafting & Appearances for CEP v2.4, I'll release the work when I'm done on  (Genisys is my Builder Name / Guile is my player name that most people know me by)

Anyway, I was wondering about accessing the 2das, becuase I REALLY don't want to have to do this ever gain...

Is there some way I could search the 2da for the for the next ID #, ensure it's a valid one (not ****) and return the # for the ID from the CEP 2da for Items & Appearances?

I've seen this done before in Mils Tailors, but I want to use it on ALL items, not just Armor/Clothing..

Any Help?


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