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Looking for a Host - to host a social Adult PW



               Gday and hile fellow travellors, I am looking for a social NWN player that would like to host a module that has the potential
pne of the best social servers going. It has many custom functions,
that i have gathered over an extensive number of years scripting and
modding. UOA crafting is embedded throughout the server and enchanting
is also a tradeskill for the UOA. Those of you who have played either
Trinity or Phoenix Rising will know what i mean. The player housing
system is unique as well. Players actually get to make their own houses
as a kind of trade, the houses are persistant and constructed in GAME.

thing I asked is that whichever computer hosts the server I can have
access to via LOGMEIN or something similar for an debugging, restarting
uploading of patches or whatever. I have been trusted by two other
friends over a very long time with this option and it was never abused
by me.



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