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Title: Treasure Generation Question
Post by: Legacy_SushiSlave on September 23, 2015, 09:54:08 pm


Is there any script available that can be applied to enemies and containers that will generate random gold, gems, and jewelry while excluding all other forms of loot?


Title: Treasure Generation Question
Post by: Legacy_bdtgazo on October 21, 2015, 04:42:09 pm


Yes.  Many I should think.


Set a placeable treasure container in the toolkit down, and checks its scripts.  NWN has its own treasure generation script.  I think most mods don't use it, though, but its a good place to start an examination/understanding of treasure generation. 


The easiest method, imo, is to start using NESS for your spawns.  With NESS, you can just place some chests in a zone PCs can't get to, and fill them with loot.  NESS has a good guide, easy to learn.


I used to use NESS, but decided to use my own custom loot generation scripts to have better control of the % chance that a given item will drop.  I made my own loot tables.  The actual script is pretty simple, but I have found, and suspect most would agree, that actually making the loot, the descriptions of the loot, and the loot tables in the script, is probably about 70% of the work that goes into a mod.


Anyway, the answer is yes.  And I think a few are available on the Vault.


Title: Treasure Generation Question
Post by: Baaleos on October 21, 2015, 04:46:47 pm


As mentioned above - 

nwn has default treasure scripts - if you dig into the scripts such as 

Drow_onSpawn  (think that might be one)

It calls several treasure include files - where there are methods such as 





choose what you want, modify if needed, and then use